Pair these Pulled Beef Sliders with OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon #WineJoziStyle @ObikwaWines

OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon is the ideal festive wine with its bright ruby red colour and full bodied taste of cherries and intense fruit flavours. This adventurous, pocket friendly wine will light up any get together.
Heat up a casserole dish with olive oil, season and fry 1kg of beef ribs until golden brown. Set your meat aside and fry onions, garlic, carrots, celery and add a dash of OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon to the mix along with BBQ sauce and beef stock.
Return your beef to the dish and cook on a low heat until the meat is tender enough to pull off the bone.
Top each roll with your pulled beef and spinach leaves and settle in and enjoy with a glass of OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon.
Pulled Beef Sliders paired with OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon hr

With its red fruit and oak spices, this wine is best paired with veal or red meat dishes. Why not make a bold statement in the kitchen and try the delicious and satisfying pulled beef sliders with a splash of Cabernet in the cooking sauce.
Michael Bucholz | OBiKWA Cellarmaster

Life is a journey worth celebrating, so go on stick your neck out and grab a bottle of OBiKWA Cabernet Sauvignon. Selling at around R30 per bottle, the OBiKWA range of quality, value for money varietal wines is available country-wide.

Visit www.obikwa.com.

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