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I attended a media launch at the Lonehill Waterfront this past Saturday, but more excitedly the opportunity to interact with foodies invited by #DineJoziStyle, the brain child of Edward Chamberlain-Bell.

Knowing the man, you know you are in for a treat. It’s all about style darling- and he has style to spare!
Nocturnal Wenchy

Tucked into the side of Lonehill Shopping Centre, you will find, Let’s Meat, Let’s Brew and Let’s Deli. The spin-off is their restaurant Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen. I thought the name Let’s Meat was so clever. Love me a good play on words.

Welcoming drinks were served on the deck of Let’s Meat. It is an absolutely delightful space. Open, friendly and cool with a view of the waterfront. I could sit there for a very long time. Not sure what our welcoming drinks entailed but it was light and refreshing. It truly set the tone.

Making our way to Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen, I noticed an extensive children’s play area. Being a mom to many, although now grown children, I loved that the play area entailed water play, bikes, jungle gyms and a designated area for children to make their own pizza. It is perfect for a family afternoon out.

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Perhaps the staff at Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen was a tad overwhelmed with dozen of guests arriving all at once, as the service was very slow to start. Friendly but not efficient. Thankfully this improved later in the afternoon.

Our party decided to move inside as it was rather warm in sunny South Africa and we settled into a very comfortable booth inside the restaurant. Although this took away some of the ambiance of the occasion, and the tranquil view of the waterfront, at least we weren’t roasting.

I found the décor a touch unfinished. Not Tuscan Villa, nor contemporary Dainfern but not Italian kitchen either. It seemed the restaurant was indecisive as to which direction the décor would go. The bar area is much more established. All that aside, it is a welcoming space with smiles from both management and staff.

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I sampled a number of items from the menu as was proudly presented to us on long wooden tables, which certainly looked most inviting. The thin based pizza was crisp and light allowing the individual toppings to speak for themselves. Fresh and plump with flavour. I enjoyed the crumbed and deep fried stuffed jalapenos which is not something I would usually eat. Pasta was filled with flavour, cooked al dente and you can see the attention to detail. One of my favourites was the jaffles. Bring on those memories! I took one look at the caramelised onion and meat done to perfection and declared it a winner. I was not so fond of the ribs, a bit sweet and sadly did not get to taste the potato skins.

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After a very healthy and hearty starter and main course selection to devour, I admit that I was disappointed that there was no dessert table. Almost as if someone forgot the final scene to a very enjoyable performance. Not one to take an oversight lying down, I ordered a cheese cake with ice cream from the menu and it was delicious. The crust was just right, the smooth texture of the cheese cake melted in your mouth. It was perfect. Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen should have taken that final bow with dessert on the table, it would have been worth the praise!

Let’s Brew was well supported and the Ginger Berry was by far the drink of choice at our table. It was gorgeous and I will certainly return to introduce my friends to a new trend in pink drinks! I look forward to returning with my family and sharing this developing gem with them. It is well worth the visit.

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