Why JoziStyle bought .joburg as a new domain from ChamberlainBell.com

South Africans are getting online with the new ZACity domains: .joburg, .capetown, and .durban!

Buying these domains are serious marketing business because they enhance your SEO and Google page rank. It’s not a passing trend, it’s a serious business tool that markets your business online. You want to buy and own your business’s ZACity domain before your key competitor does so that you boost your online presence for geo-targeted marketing online and also to point to your primary TLD / Domain. Customers find you online first, a ZACity domain helps them find you when then they are literally on your doorstep.

Think about it: a .com gets you international exposure, a .co.za gets you South African exposure, but .joburg, .capetown, and .durban gets you instant exposure. This is especially important if you are a locally based business, tourist or entertainment destination. You can build your brands by marketing exclusively to people who will be interested in visiting your establishment.

This opportunity allows you to identify your brand within the top three South African cities. If your business is locally based in any of these top three cities, or all three, then you need to consider registering your business domain online today.

An example of how these domains could work for you is www.yourbusiness.joburg, www.yourbusiness.capetown or www.yourbusiness.durban

Register your domain today!

Domain Pricelist
.co.za R100.00
.com R150.00
.joburg R350.00
.capetown R350.00
.durban R350.00

Additional TLDs available upon registration.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact us on +27(27) 754 3431.

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