Art meeting food meeting wines at NCW Restaurant

NCW Restaurant DineJoziStyle

Chef Ence Willemse at the NCW Restaurant has introduced what promises to be an exciting project that engages South African artists with the people who are already interested in fine dining and wine matching.

Somehow, the sum of the three parts creates a grand multi-discipline masterwork, a fascination to the public and magnificent exposure for the artist.

NCW Restaurant DineJoziStyle

Chef Ence Willemse is the food artist behind this initiative, the chef who, after working with South Africa’s best, took time off to be a plumber to finance this magnificent location and his own art collection. The location is a beautifully restored heritage building, up on a ridge of the Melville Koppies. NCW functions in perfect harmony as a fine gallery featuring fine dining and perfect wine pairings.

The artists featured are the ones for the public and critics to watch.
The food is celebratory and themed to the artist’s own work.
The wines are the more-than-special ones, the utterly delicious, sometimes outrageous ones picked out by our greatest wine masters, to contribute even more to the sensory experience picture.

Visit www.ncwrestaurant.com

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