National Eisteddfod Academy Invitation to NEA Adjudicators Forum Workshop @NEA_Eisteddfod

The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) is inviting established and aspiring adjudicators to apply to join its Adjudicators Forum.

Adjudicators are needed in the performing art genres of classical and contemporary music, dance and drama, as well as Indigenous arts. The NEA is supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

If you are passionate about the arts, enjoy working with children and you value the arts for building self-esteem and confidence in our youth, then the National Eisteddfod Academy’s call for adjudicators is for you.

Save The Date: Saturday 1 August 2015 has been earmarked for the NEA’s Adjudicators Forum Training Workshop and will take place at Greenwood Manor, 6 Keith Avenue, Linden Extension, Randburg from 9:00 – 16:00. The cost of R300 includes the workshop fee, lunch, and the annual Adjudicators Forum membership fee. It is essential that new and potential adjudicators wishing to join the Adjudicators Forum attend this Workshop, while established adjudicators are encouraged to attend and share their knowledge and skills through discussion and debate.

In its quest for excellence in adjudication the NEA has established clear guidelines regarding the expected levels of performance and has defined a style of adjudication that acknowledges individual achievement and emphasises the joy of participation in the arts. The activities of the NEA Adjudicators Forum are the life blood of the NEA – it provides a platform for deliberations, discussions and training regarding the adjudication of the performing arts and cuts across all NEA projects to ensure uniformity in child-centred adjudication standards.

Being a member of the NEA’s Adjudicators Forum will entail adjudication at the many and various NEA Eisteddfod events. At the recent NEA Young Performers Award evening the adjudication panel comprised well-known performing arts industry artists and personalities: amongst them the dynamic CEO of the Naledi Theatre Awards, Dawn Lindberg, who, at this event, commented, “Des and I were knocked out and delighted by the stunning talent revealed at the NEA Young Performers Awards. The beguiling young performers all displayed self-confidence, style, excellent technique and indeed: Star Quality! The future of SA theatre is Alive and Well! Viva SA Theatre! Viva NEA!”

Adelaide Joshua of YOTV enthusiastically stated, “This is the first NEA adjudication process that I have been honoured to be part of and if I had to describe the experience I would have to say it was mind-blowing. Being an adjudicator has opened up ideas on how we can give young talented people of South Africa another platform to showcase their amazing talents. At YOTV we are committed to sharing the talent of the youth with the rest of our nation and it is thrilling to know that we can work together to achieve this. To the team that put the event together, well done on a very professionally run event. Thank you for taking such good care of us as adjudicators. Is this an event I would adjudicate again? Definitely!”

Dr Francois van den Berg, CEO of the National Eisteddfod Academy describes adjudication as being, “the means to provide each performer with the most reliable, constructive and authentic feedback on his performance that can be provided within the time limits”.

For this reason the NEA anticipates its adjudicators to be educators-at-heart: ed ucators that can embrace the NEA’s values of passion and compassion, integrity and credibility, inclusiveness, respect for the uniqueness of each participant and an awareness of and pride in our multi-cultural diversity.

For more information about the NEA or to register online, visit www.eisteddfod.co.za. You may also request an Adjudicators Forum Workshop application form by e-mailing your details to edu@eisteddfod.co.za or contacting the NEA office 011 886 6005 / fax: 011 787 3534.

Visit www.eisteddfod.co.za.

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