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“MY FATHER’S WAR comes highly recommended if you have memories of this war, or if you – as a woman – had to nurse the physical and spiritual wounds of your son or husband who is still struggling to come to terms with what had happened. This is an excellent film, one of the best SA films this year.” – Leon van Nierop.

Award winning actor, writer, producer and film maker, Craig Gardner’s (who is renowned for his involvement with hits like Suburban Bliss, Joburg Blues, Madam and Eve and various programs on Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc.) hard-hitting debut feature film, MY FATHER’S WAR, has conquered the hearts of viewers right from the start. This movie will soon be released on DStv BoxOffice and DVD and is a welcome addition to any South African movie enthusiast’s film collection.

This unique, bilingual (Afrikaans/English) drama focuses on the broken relationship between a father and his rebellious teenage son. The story is set in 2003, with the 19-year old Dap Smit (Edwin van der Walt) constantly fighting with his Border War veteran father, Dawid (Stian Bam). There is seemingly no chance of reconciliation between them. To make matters even worse, Dawid’s wife, Carina (Erica Wessels), is stuck in the middle of their epic struggle. Dap then suddenly has a series of dreams where he is a combat soldier during the Border War in the 1980’s. There he meets his father (at the same age) and experiences first-hand what soldiers of that time – in other words his own father – had to go through. These dreams irrevocably change Dap’s perception, his heart and life… with far-reaching consequences for him and his father.

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