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There are few things as frustrating as needing to buy a gift for someone who has it all. You want to give them something thoughtful and meaningful, but you can’t find anything on the shelves or online that they don’t already have. So instead of settling for the usual soap and cleansing basket, why not try one of these ideas instead?

The homemade gift
Make something special. You can bake cookies, fudge, brownies and candy, or you can make a beauty scrub, a bird feeder, a photo book, or knit a blanket. The list is endless of all the creative and thoughtful gifts you can create once you put your mind to it. Simply make the gift, wrap it beautifully, add a card and there you go.

The volunteering gift
Instead of giving them a tangible thing, donate money to their favourite charity in their name. You can also adopt a zoo animal for them. What this means is you help pay for the upkeep of the animal and they can name it and will receive a certificate. It’s a win-win plan – they will receive a great gift and the world will be a little better off.

The sweet gift
Who can say no to chocolate goodies, especially if those goodies are delivered to their door every month? Sign your giftee up for a monthly My Chocolate Box subscription and treat them to a delectable box packed full of carefully selected chocolatey goodness from some of the top-quality chocolate houses. Visit mychocolatebox.co.za for more on this divine gift.

The gag gift
Do they have a great sense of humour? Then the gag gift is for them. Find something hilarious such as toilet paper money, a melted snowman (a bottle of water), hairy leg tights or a pet rock. The idea of this gift is to make the person laugh and relief their stress if only for a little while.

The teaching gift
Sign them up for an interesting online course or book a cooking class for two. Make sure it’s something they’re interested in or would like to know more about. It can truly be anything – self-defence, sailing, cheese making, a course on bats in South Africa or sharks. Anything.

The adventurous gift
Do they have an adventurous spirit? Buy a voucher for them to go abseiling, paragliding, White River rafting, bungee jumping, etc. As long as it’s something that’ll get their blood pumping, they’ll be happy. Make it even better by joining them on the adventure and then sticking them for a meal afterwards.

The personalised gift
Give them something with either their name on or a personal message from you – create a gift with their own personal branding on, if you will. Think of a stationary set (notebook, pens, pencil case), leather accessories (belts, wallets), jewellery (necklace, bracelet, earrings) or even crockery (mugs and bowls).
Your imagination is the limit, and it’s the thought that goes into these gifts that carries the true value. So get your creativity cap on and give that special someone a gift they’ll remember forever.

These imaginative gift ideas were provided by My Chocolate Box – a monthly subscription service that was launched less than a year ago and has recently won awards at The New General Social and Digital media awards.

Visit www.mychocolatebox.co.za.


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