A summer getaway at Muratie Estate: Wining, dining, reclining & more wining @MuratieWines

Muratie Estate Wine JoziStyle
Muratie Estate Wine JoziStyle 2
1: Muratie entrance
2: Muratie interior
3: Muratie Manor House
4: Muratie tasting room exterior
5: Muratie Farm Kitchen alfresco lunch
6: Muratie tasting room interior
7: Kim and Rijk Melck
8: Muratie Music Concert
9: Muratie Harvest Festival
10: Muratie Lady Alice Rosé Brut 2012
11: Muratie Laurens Campher 2013
12: Isabella Chardonnay 2013
13: Muratie George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir 2012
14: Muratie Ansela van de Caab 2011
15: Muratie Alberta Annemarie Merlot 2012
16: Muratie Ronnie Melck Shiraz 2011
17: Muratie Martin Melck Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
18: Muratie Ben Prins Cape Vintage 2010
19: Muratie Amber Forever 2013
20: Florina Oliphant baking bread at Muratie
21: Chocolate and wine pairing
22: Ansela van de Caab Platter
23: Alberta Annemarie Gourmet Beef Burger
24 : Mountain Biking

With Muratie’s Iconic Wines, new summer menu at the Farm Kitchen, wine and chocolate pairing, mountain biking, trail runs, music concerts, harvest festival and warm country hospitality

It’s almost that time of year again when the summer season ushers in a sublime blend of: balmy days, escaping from the city, relaxing with friends and family and enjoying long lazy alfresco lunches with a perfectly chilled bottle of wine. Muratie, the historic Stellenbosch family estate owned by the Melck family, promises the perfect space to rest and enjoy the spirit of summer, welcoming you seven days a week, into a unique and magical environment where you can enjoy great food, well-loved wine, outdoor activities, music concerts and warm country hospitality.

There are enchanting places where one can escape the hustle and bustle for a while and enter another world, and Muratie is one of those treasures. Hidden away in the exquisite Knorhoek valley, lying at the foot of the Simonsberg with a perfect view of Table Mountain, Muratie is as old as history itself, with its almost tangible unique old world ambience. Beautiful old Cape Dutch buildings guarded over by ancient oak trees, crumbling statues, antique wine-making equipment, and the quaint tasting room with its cobwebs, stained glass and art, are all set in a secret garden, a lush green haven of peace and tranquillity.

At Muratie, the passion for preserving the estate’s rich heritage and intriguing human stories from its centuries old history, are captured in every nook and cranny of this family farm. Even the wines and the food reflect a tangible sense of time suspended, with the estate’s wines and the Farm Kitchen restaurant dishes named after extraordinary characters from the farm’s colourful past.

Muratie Lady Alice Rosé Brut 2012 (new release)
This is Muratie’s maiden Rosé Cap Classique produced as a result of countless requests from ladies visiting the Muratie tasting room.
The story: Muratie’s Cap Classique honours Lady Alice Sarah Stanford, former custodian of Muratie, whose life was filled with endless festivities. As a high society lady of note, Lady Alice was adept at turning every event into a dance party, with jazzy tunes in the background and the notes of fine wine on the nose. Muratie’s Lady Alice Méthode Cap Classique toasts this lovely lady of pleasure!
Tasting notes: The attractive hint of onion skin colour and the graceful gossamer bubbles swirling in the glass are an enticing invitation. Made from 100% Pinot Noir with extended skin contact, this is an elegant crisp dry rosé.
Retail price: Muratie Lady Alice Rosé 2012 Méthode Cap Classique due for release in November, will retail nationally for approximately R120.

Muratie Laurens Campher 2013
The story: This unique blended white wine pays tribute to the first owner of Muratie, the passionate and determined young German soldier who fell in love with a slave-girl at the Castle in Cape Town. During their 14 year courtship, he frequently walked the 64 kilometres to Cape Town and back, a three day trip, to see his sweetheart Ansela. When she was eventually emancipated, Ansela returned as Laurens’ wife to Muratie. The oak tree she planted to bless their marriage still stands on Muratie, as does a small white house, their first home, built for them by Laurens.
Tasting notes: The wine is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Verdehlo, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc with intense flavours ranging from honeysuckle to pineapple, and a sturdy backbone redolent of the eponymous Laurens Campher. All the cultivators except the Sauvignon Blanc were barrel fermented. The wine was matured in barrel for six months.
Recent accolades: Tim Atkin, internationally renowned wine commentator and British Master of Wine, rated the Muratie Laurens Campher 2012 92 points in his recently published 2014 South African Report.
Retail price: The Muratie Laurens Campher retails nationally at R95.

Isabella Chardonnay 2013
The story: This elegant wine is named after the beautiful Isabella Melck, daughter of current custodians, Rijk and Kim Melck.
Tasting notes: This Burgundian style Chardonnay displays elegant notes of citrus and a lingering mineral finish. With perfectly integrated wood and a juicy fruit centre, this wine appeals to both wooded and unwooded chardonnay drinkers.
Retail price: The Muratie Isabella Chardonnay retails nationally for approximately R100.

Muratie George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir 2012 (new vintage release)
The story: This wine honours the former owner of Muratie who had two great passions in life: painting and pinot noir. Painting into his 70s he earned fame both locally and internationally. But as the first ever pinot noir grower in the country, what would eventually earn him the greatest renown … was his palate for pinot.
Tasting notes: With a delicate, long finish, hint of strawberries, fresh cherries and French Oak, the George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir salutes the artist … and his palate for pinot.
Retail price: The Muratie George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir retails for approximately R160

Muratie Ansela van de Caab 2011 (new vintage release)
The 2011 Muratie Ansela van de Caab is a classic Bordeaux-style blend of 41% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 24% Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine a structured backbone, which is enhanced by the Cabernet Franc, with the Merlot adding the upfront fruit flavours.
The story: This cabernet sauvignon-led Bordeaux-style blend, with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, honours Ansela, whose remarkable story is written into South African folklore as an icon of the struggle against the horrors of slavery at the Cape in the late 17th century.
Tasting notes: Dark, intense and brooding, the nose promises much – cedar wood, cigar box, blackcurrants and a distinctive herbaceous and spicy edge courtesy of the Cabernet Franc – and the palate more than delivers on that promise with rich, savoury flavours of black olive tapenade, cassis, some perfumed sandalwood and a long finish which develops from fruit to savoury, and ends with an enticing combination of the two. This wine epitomises balance, with the elegant tannins, fresh acidity and masterly oak treatment all playing their part. This is a wine to savour with the very finest culinary offerings, or simply to be enjoyed with good friends.
Retail price: The Muratie Ansela van de Caab retails nationally for approximately R200.

Muratie Alberta Annemarie Merlot 2012 (new vintage release)
The story: Previously called Muratie Merlot, this wine pays tribute to Alberta Annemarie, daughter of GP Canitz: a remarkable woman who, upon her father’s death, became one of the first female wine farm owners in the country, and who, like fine wine, only improved with age.
Tasting notes: A dense purple colour with cherry, cranberry and a hint of chocolate on the nose followed by blackcurrants and dark chocolate on the palate. A full bodied wine, yet subtle with well integrated oak giving it a lasting finish.
Retail price: The Muratie Alberta Annemarie Merlot retails nationally for approximately R99.

Muratie Ronnie Melck Shiraz 2011
The story: This wine, previously called Muratie Shiraz, was renamed to honour family patriarch and legendary winemaker, Ronnie Melck, who loved Shiraz.
Tasting notes: An intensely red wine with a violet edge, it offers rich floral and berry notes with hints of green peppercorns and gamey nuances, supported by a sweet spiciness with a vanilla, crème brûlée aftertaste.
Retail price: The Muratie Ronnie Melck Shiraz retails nationally for approximately R100.

Muratie Martin Melck Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
The story: Muratie’s Cabernet Sauvignon honours Martin Melck, a man of faith, hope and charity, who was one of the Cape’s greatest landowners and farmers. He bought De Driesprong (Muratie) in 1763 for his daughter, Anna Catharina. The Melcks built the manor house at Muratie and kept the farm in the Melck-Beyers family for close to a century.
Tasting notes: This wine displays rich cedarwood, cigar box and blackcurrant notes on the nose and lingering savoury tapenade, cassis and sandalwood flavours on the palate.
Retail price: Muratie Martin Melck Cabernet Sauvignon retails for approximately R99.

Muratie Ben Prins Cape Vintage 2010
The story: Muratie’s popular Cape Vintage pays homage to the estate’s legendary Ben Prins, winemaker at Muratie from 1957 until 1987. Affectionately known as Barefoot Ben, his trademark was his bare feet. Tasting notes: A positive bouquet of aromas comes forth from this fortified wine, with floral notes of violets and rose petals vying for space with the ripe black cherries, dark chocolate and sweet spice. A seamlessly-integrated Port which marries alcohol, fruit and acidity into a delicious bundle of flavour – expect plum cake, mulberry fruit and a generous seasoning of perfumed spice – supported by a sturdy, but unobtrusive backbone of tannin and finishing positively, indicating there is plenty more to come over the next ten years.
Retail price: Muratie Ben Prins Cape Vintage 2010, packaged in a stylish black canister, retails nationally for approximately R170.

Muratie Amber Forever 2013 (Fortified dessert wine)
The story: Muratie’s Amber was first produced by George Paul Canitz in the 1940’s. The name Amber originated from both the colour of the product as well as the novel Forever Amber written by Kathleen Winsor in the 1940’s. This novel is the story of a high class girl who kept some of the British upper class gentlemen happy and content. Hence the quote by Canitz: “To happy days and glorious nights, Forever Amber”. Most of the paintings in the Muratie cellar were painted by George Canitz. The painting behind the tasting room counter is the one used for the Amber Forever wine label – Amber was one of Canitz’s models and probably his mistress as well.
Winemaking: True to tradition, Muratie’s Amber is made from Hanepoot grapes (Muscat d’Alexandrie) harvested at 25° Balling and fortified with grape spirits at the critical time in order to ensure sufficient residual sugar.
Tasting notes: Heady, sweet and luscious, Amber’s pale golden liquid loosens the tongues and gladdens the heart. Aromas of sweet sun-ripened grapes, musk perfume, rose petals and hints of litchis give way to a gently-sweet mouthful of golden raisins, fynbos honey and exotic earthy notes, all offset by a crisp acidity which keeps the sweetness in check. A wonderful balance of alcohol with fruit intensity leads through to a long sweet finish of poached pears and perfumed peaches. Serve chilled as an aperitif or as an ideal accompaniment to foie gras or pâté’s, light cheeses and fruit preserves. Amber is also a winner with salty blue cheeses or Poire Belle Hélène.
Retail price: Made primarily for its loyal followers, Amber Forever is only for sale at the Muratie tasting room. Packaged in a beautiful matching canister, it sells for R100 per bottle.

In addition to the usual wine tasting, Muratie also offers wine tasting with a difference – four of their wines paired with chocolate:
Lady Alice Cap Classique with Pear Flavoured Milk Chocolate
Amber Forever paired with White Chocolate
Cape Ruby NV paired with Dark Cherry Chocolate
Ben Prins Cape Vintage paired with Orange and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate
Cost: R50.00 per person
Bookings: Tel: 21 865 2330 or Email: info@muratie.co.za

Following suit, Muratie’s Farm Kitchen’s new summer menu pays tribute to some of these same intriguing personalities. Light lunches with freshly baked bread are served in the courtyard garden in the dappled shade beneath the ancient oak trees which guard over this historic estate. Kim Melck oversees the preparation of this honest farm lunch, using fresh ingredients from Muratie’s organic vegetable garden and specialty foods from local suppliers like Dalewood Fromage and Wild Peacock Food Emporium.

Summer menu
Ansela van de Caab Platter: The much spoken about love affair between Muratie’s first owner, Laurens Campher, and his slave-girl sweetheart, Ansela van de Caab, is captured in this robust platter of flirtatious taste and local favourites including assorted cheeses, fresh farm bread, an array of cold meats, dips, pickles and koeksisters.
Suggested wine – Ansela van de Caab (Bordeaux-styled red blend)

Laurens Campher Salmon Trout: A distinctive meal of smoked salmon trout, fresh farm bread, cream cheese, onion, lemon and a crack of black pepper – a confident mix of flavours that capture Laurens Campher’s unique personality that made him a legend in the Cape.
Suggested wine – Laurens Campher 2013 (White blend)

George Paul Canitz Springbok Carpaccio
George Paul, passionate artist and pinot noir pioneer, had a definite flair for blending a rich combination of colours, as does this platter which brings together a palette of flavours, comprising springbok carpaccio, fresh rocket and homemade organic red onion marinade topped with Parmesan shavings.
Suggested wine – George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir

Isabella Tuna Salad
Tuna served with mozzarella, olives and organic lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and marinated red onion from Muratie’s vegetable garden. Light and fresh with a hint of playfulness, this salad captures the youthful spirit of Isabella, Rijk and Kim Melck’s eldest daughter.
Suggested wine – Isabella Chardonnay

Lady Alice Quiche
Vegetarian meal of the day
Suggested wine – Lady Alice MCC

Jacoba’s Bobotie Samoosas (Jacoba was one of Ansela’s daughters)
Cape Malay styled bobotie samoosas make for an ideal starter.
Suggested wine – Laurens Campher

Alberta Annemarie Gourmet Beef Burger
Gourmet burger served with French fries.
Suggested wine – Alberta Annemarie Merlot or Martin Melck Cabernet Sauvignon

Ronnie Melck Sirloin on the Bone
Pan-fried and served with a side salad, French fries and mustard.
Suggested wine – Ronnie Melck Shiraz

In addition a blackboard menu features Kim Melck’s Specials of the Day

Muratie’s mountain biking route is managed by Dirtopia. Visitors sign in at the Muratie cellar. The entrance fee goes towards the maintenance team and a portion to the Simonsberg Conservancy. The single track route runs through Muratie and part of Uitkyk Estate. After the ride, relax under the oak trees and enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch and Muratie’s popular range of wines. Night rides are great and fun too, especially with wine, soup and fresh farm bread available afterwards.
Opening hours: Weekends from 08h00 at the moment, changing to 07h00 from 1st December
Cost: R50 entrance
Distance: 12 – 22km with various options from a maze of trails
Level of difficulty: Moderate
For further information, contact Dirtopia Trail Centre on (021) 884 4752 or info@dirtopia.co.za

Single-track heaven with awesome views! Runs explore the forest just above the cellar with various trails and durations available. Trail running at Muratie is also managed by Dirtopia.
For further information, contact Dirtopia Trail Centre on (021) 884 4752 or info@dirtopia.co.za

The Muratie Music Concerts present a great opportunity for friends and family to get together and relax under the estate’s ancient oak trees, soaking up the music while enjoying Muratie’s fine wines and the Farm Kitchen’s summer menu.

30 November: Kitchen Jammin Blues Band featuring Rick Stander, Simon Orange, Schalk Joubert, Simon van der Linden and Tim Rankin.

Time 3pm and tickets R80 per person

13 December: Luna Paige and her band will be performing songs from her most recent album, Borders & Beyond, and will also include some new songs as well as old favourites.
Time 3pm and tickets R80 per head

28 December: Jesse Clegg highly acclaimed alternative rock artist, and son of the iconic legend, Johnny Clegg.
Time 3pm and tickets R120 per person

17 January 2015: Lucy Kruger & Andre Leo focusing on the duo’s latest offering and also featuring songs from their respective musical adventures over the years.
Time 3pm and tickets R100 per person

24 January 2015; Kitchen Jammin Blues Band featuring Rick Stander, Simon Orange, Schalk Joubert, Simon van der Linden and Tim Rankin.
Time 3pm and tickets R80 per person

Tickets for the above concerts include a glass of Melck’s wine on arrival. Children under 12 enter free. The Farm Kitchen will be serving its delicious summer menu. Hamburgers, cheese platters and cold drinks will also be on sale and Muratie’s full range of wines will be available by the glass or by the bottle. Muratie can accommodate up to 120 people but it is advisable to make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment, however tickets will also be available at the door. Do not miss these shows. What a wonderful way to while away a lazy summer afternoon. Please note that in the event of rain the show will be cancelled.

For further information or to pre-book your tickets and table, contact Thalia Alberts on: 021 865 2330 or info@muratie.co.za.

Date: Saturday 28 Feb 2015
Time: From 11h30
Tickets: Entrance is free
Bookings essential

The Melck family will once again be hosting their annual “harvest festival” at Muratie Estate in Stellenbosch on Saturday 28th February 2015. The festival which takes place under the ancient oaks that guard this historic wine estate, is a celebratory family event featuring good food, fine wine, great company, live music and lots of fun stomping the newly harvested grapes.

The day will begin at 11h30. Entrance is free of charge and visitors will receive a complimentary glass of Muratie wine on arrival. Food, wine and cold drinks will be on sale. Festival-goers will be able to sample Muratie’s delicious Farm Kitchen summer menu. Hamburgers and cheese platters will also be on sale and Muratie’s full range of wines will be available by the glass or by the bottle. All drinks must be purchased on the farm. Cellar and vineyard tours will be on offer as well as a vertical wine tasting for 20x people at 12h00 at R100 per head. And, to add to the fun, there will be loads of freshly-harvested grapes to stomp. After lunch, guests will be able to relax and enjoy a memorable afternoon of live music performed by the popular Kitchen Jammin Blues Band.

For further information contact Muratie on: 021 865 2330 or info@muratie.co.za.

If you want to savour the flavour and stay a bit longer, Muratie offers warm and welcoming accommodation at GP Canitz’s original art studio – a perfect little paradise providing comfort, peace and beauty.

Take time out to explore this magical environment and take heed of the words of George Paul Canitz: “It’s the smooth bouquet that counts – drink Muratie wines made from the finest grapes, ripened in the South African sun. Every drop in your glass is full of flavour and strength; it gladdens the heart and loosens the tongue. It is the strength of a pure wine that enables you to face care and trouble with a lighter heart and so quickly dissipate that feeling of depression. In this manner it incidentally fortifies the body against infections and disease”.
The many and varied attractions at Muratie include:

· Wine tasting daily between 10am and 5pm in Muratie’s rickety cob-webbed old-world tasting room
· Wine and chocolate pairing
· The Melck family’s home-made preserves and treats for sale at the tasting room, which include nougat made from their own free range eggs, honey from the hives in the blue gum grove on the hill above the tasting room, home baked rusks and green fig preserves and apricot jam, made by Annatjie and Kim, from fruit grown on the farm.
· The new summer menu at the Farm Kitchen restaurant;
· Winery and history tours by appointment;
· GP Canitz Art Gallery in the refurbished historic concrete tanks in the cellar;
· Self-catering accommodation in the GP Canitz’s original art studio which he built with bricks made on the farm;
· Functions hosted in the cellar inside old tartaric acid-encrusted concrete wine tanks which have been renovated and opened up for guest entertainment;
· Private tastings in the Kneipzimmer, GP Canitz’s drinking den;
· Music concerts, art exhibitions and annual Harvest Festival.

Visit www.muratie.co.za

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