Mugg & Bean upscales by introducing more exotic ingredients to their menu.

Decadent deconstructed hot milkshakes, belly warming tea floats and piping soups with warm wintery flavours are all newly on offer at Mugg & Bean this season.

Inspired by upcoming food and beverage trends such as the upscaling simpler food trend, turning breakfast skillets into a chic dish, the exotic condiments trend, introducing a Chimichurri mayo dipping sauce, and the rich smoky flavours trend, creating a smoked beef brisket and pan-fried gnocchi soup, as well as a smoky chilli sauce; Mugg & Bean has a new winter menu that braves the cold and is ahead of the curve.

The restaurant chain is also introduces an enhanced drinks menu, with exotic Matcha and Chia Seeds for the more adventurous pallet. Customers can choose from tea floats infused with Matcha, a Japanese ingredient known for its calming and relaxing properties, while promoting concentration as well as boosting your energy. Another special ingredient used in their delicious smoothies is Chia Seeds, a superfood and one of nature’s richest antioxidant in that it decelerates the aging of skin while offering a natural energy boost.

Marketing Manager for Mugg & Bean, Lee-Ann Cullingworth explains that with the budding foodie culture in South Africa, consumers want to know more about the food they enjoy and be inspired by the flavours. “We want to enthuse our consumers, feed their growing appetites for exciting and new dishes and take them on a flavour adventure.”

“Flavour and innovation are at Mugg & Bean’s core and therefore our new-product development team is constantly adapting our menu to the latest trends with underlying themes of generosity, freshly-baked, made-from-scratch and authentic food,” says Cullingworth.

Mugg & Bean has always been about generosity, which comes to life through the generous portion sizes, flavours inspired from across the globe and the warm and welcoming food experiences that has remained true to the brand for the past 20 years, but ahead of the trend by bringing new ingredients and flavour combinations to the our plates.

Do yourself a favour and walk into a Mugg & Bean restaurant this winter to try the season’s selection and let us know what you think of the new offerings on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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