Sweet News: Moody Cow Gelato and Coffee Co is open for ice-cream, coffee & more!

Gelato and Coffee. Could there be a better combination? Only if the spot where you buy it from has an obscure and delightful name, such as Moody Cow. Best of all, coffee and Italian ice-cream are just the start, as the Moody Cow menu showcases a collection of sensational sweet treats. For owner, Jose dos Passos − a self-confessed coffee addict with a sweet tooth – this was his time to play. With vast experience in building and managing successful hospitality and retail businesses, he visited Sigep Expo in Northern Italy (the biggest gelato and coffee expo in the world) to gain knowledge and expertise that he brought back to South Africa.

At Moody Cow, you will find only-the-best coffee and gelato. The team at Moody Cow were trained by a Master Gelato Maker ‘the Gelatician”: an artist of consummate skill whose aim is to produce flawless gelato every time. The team prides itself on following the traditional method of creating handmade (Halaal-certified) gelato. Everything is made with no preservatives or colourants, using only the finest ingredients. This artisanal Italian ice-cream (much like everything else on the menu) is made fresh, every day. The flavours cover everything from Chocolate Hazelnut to Popcorn and Tiramisu − but there are also some local additions such as Malva Pudding and Milk Tart. Don’t forget about the fruit based sorbets such as Lemon and Mango.

The menu at Moody Cow celebrates all things sweet. Everything from the handmade gelato and fruit based sorbets, cookie sandwiches, gourmet popcorn… even the waffle tacos are fresh and made-to-order in the store. Pair this with one of their specialty coffees, an Uber Shake or a Sicilian lemonade. There are also selected candies & imported chocolates and liquorice and a gifting section that can make up bespoke gifts for a special occasion or for corporates.

Visit www.moodycow.co.za.

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