Miss South Africa challenges South African’s to the real #missSAchallenge

Miss South Africa challenges South African’s to the real #missSAchallenge

People are sometimes so quick to express their outrage that they lose perspective.

This is especially true about the #MissSAChallenge haters who were very quick to condemn Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, decision to wear gloves while serving food to children as part of The Maslow’s initiative to create a roving soup kitchen that would feed 300 people for three times a week for the month of July. The photographs of her interacting with children went viral so quickly that people overlooked what she was doing and assumed it was a racial slight.

Personally, I would have been outraged if she had not worn gloves while handling food.

The original hashtag #MaslowSoupKitchen was soon eclipsed by the hashtag #MissSAChallenge. I initially overlooked the outrage because some of the comments and memes online were very funny, but it soon turned ugly with hateful comments about racism. Even I forgot what caused the hashtag #MissSAChallenge to trend until somebody asked me. She was feeding children!

She was serving food, people, she was serving food!

Perhaps it would have been better if she hadn’t?

Demi-Leigh admitted that she was saddened that people jumped to conclusions about her her intentions. She even apologised if she had offened anybody – which I don’t think was necessary, but she recovered her poise and inverted the backlash to raise more awareness about her cause.

I first met Demi-Leigh when I was invited to attend the crowning of Miss South Africa earlier this year, and was fortunate enough to publish the first interview with her as miss South Africa – and enjoy a media breakfast the following day at Sun City Resort. My initial impression of Demi-Leigh, as I told her PR team, there is something different about Demi-Leigh from the usual Miss SA’s – she’s got a slightly naughty but nice attitude. She’s certainly responding to the #MissSAChallenge criticism with both a sense of humour and a fighting spirit.

Well played, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters!

People are already calling her response too cocky; but between being called either too conscientious or too cocky, I think she is going to conquer the world on her own terms.

I like that. She’s a game-changer.

She’s #unMISSSAble

Demi-Leigh is challenging everyone who has anything to say about the #MissSAChallenge debacle to join her this Wednesday at the #MaslowSoupKitchen drive. Details to follow.

Read more about Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters!

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