Meet #ComeDineSA Zak Ebrahim

ComeDineSA Zak Ebrahim

In a nutshell: I am an optimist at best and believe that “impossible is nothing”

Worst trait: I trust too easily

Best trait: Good listener

Cooking style: Contemporary

Likes: Marvel movies and music festivals like Ultra

Hates: Being alone

Most complicated dish: A lamb briyani, I’m still learning to perfect it.

Worst CDWM nightmare: Overcooking the meat.

Perfect dinner party entertainment: Belly dancers!

The special thing about my dinner parties is: First is the food and then the entertainment.

Other interests: I like to DJ, love to cook whenever I get a chance too and I love playing Fifa

Q&A with Zak
If you could invite four famous people (dead or alive) to a dream dinner party, who would your guests be? 
Bruce Lee, Princess Diana, Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Jackman

2.What is your signature dish, which your friends and family rave about?
Pan fried rump with mixed wild mushroom sauce.

3.On a scale of 1- 10 (10 being highest) how would you score your dinner party hosting skills? 7

4.What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster to date?
I have not had one to be honest but if there was it would be overcooked steak.

5.If you could invite a South African entertainer to perform at your dinner party – who would you invite?
Black Coffee

6.How do you want to be remembered on CDWM SA following your dinner party?
As the person who is balanced and fair like the zodiac sign Libra.

7.What do you think makes you the ultimate host with the most?
Being able to make my guests feel relaxed and ensure that they are never hungry or thirsty.

8.What is your idea of a nightmare dinner party and guests?
Guests that arrive late and think nothing of it and guests who think they know it all.

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