Meet #ComeDineSA Siphosihle Makaba

ComeDineSA Siphosihle Makaba

In a nutshell: Loud, confident, funny, crazy, sweet.

Worst trait: I’m really loud! And sometimes the word vomit just spills out.

Best trait: My confidence, it keeps people wondering. I’m also really sweet.

Cooking style: Challenging dishes made from scratch.

Likes: Dogs, food, dancing, singing, reading and socialising.

Hates: Liars, over-sensitive people and cats.

Most complicated dish: Gee it’s hard to say because I like to make challenging things. Must be the chequered velvet surprise cake I made for my dad’s birthday. Worked with fondant for the first time. THE HORROR!

Worst CDWM nightmare: The terrine not setting. The ice cream having crystals, the pork being overcooked. Basically – everything going wrong!

Perfect dinner party entertainment: A game that everybody can get involved in or a comedian.

The special thing about my dinner parties is: The cocktails that are being matched to every course and ME!

Other interests: Would love to start a food blog soon, pole dancing (I’ve taken a few lessons) and hip hop dancing.


1.If you could invite four famous people (dead or alive) to a dream dinner party, who would your guests be?
a. Bruce Willis – So I can stare into his beautiful eyes the whole night
b. Trevor Noah –He’s jokes will keep the party alive
c. Somizi Mhlongo – Not only is he absolutely fabulous but he’s a pinnacle in the gay community and it would be great to sit down and talk to him.
d. Queen Latifah – as big girls we can talk about taking the thicke revolution to the moon.

2.What is your signature dish, which your friends and family rave about?
Gosh I have several signature dishes. I make a mean lamb curry and biryani. For braais, I usually make the chakalaka and the loaded potato salad because no one can touch me in that department or I’d have to nominate my tipsy peppermint tart, need I say more.

3.On a scale of 1- 10 (10 being highest) how would you score your dinner party hosting skills?
I wish I was perfect, but I know my presentation leaves a bit to be desired so I’ll go for an 8

4.What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster to date? a.
I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my food. So I get pretty upset when things don’t come out the way I expect, (although everyone else will say my food is amazing). The disaster is usually my presentation though.

5.If you could invite a South African entertainer to perform at your dinner party – who would you invite?
Trevor Noah most definitely, that guy is hilarious and would definitely leave my guests happy.

6.How do you want to be remembered on CDWM SA following your dinner party? a.
As the super confident girl that doesn’t worry what people think about her and for my loud, confident and fun personality.

7.What do you think makes you the ultimate host with the most?
I’m fun to be around and I seem to always get along with everyone and that I try to cater for everyone.

8.What is your idea of a nightmare dinner party and guests?
People who put salt on their food before tasting. Whyyyyyy? Or a host who doesn’t pay attention to their guests needs. Or judgmental people or people who cannot cooperate with others. A big one for me too would be someone who has a cat running around all over the place *gags*

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