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In a nutshell: Social media foodie with a passion for supporting local restaurants.

Worst trait: Impatience

Best trait: Sense of humour.

Cooking style: Eclectic – I draw inspiration from everything.

Likes: Fresh, wholesome food served with some creative flair.

Hates: Anything out of a packet, tin or box.

Most complicated dish: Lasagne – not really complicated but I love the process of making everything from scratch.

Worst CDWM nightmare: Somebody who tells you at the last minute that they don’t eat something.

Perfect dinner party entertainment: Charades.

The special thing about my dinner parties is: Great food that people have never seen before.

Other interests: Yoga, Pilates and nutrition.

Q&A with Edward

1. If you could invite four famous people (dead or alive) to a dream dinner party, who would your guests be?
• Madonna – She’s a game-changer who either does it first or not at all. She’s a rock star!
• Edith Venter – The perfectly poised socialite who has a heart of gold and loves a good laugh.
• Jennifer Su- One of the hardest working, and most professional, women I know and yet always makes it look effortless.
• My husband, Robert Chamberlain-Bell. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing anything without him.

2. What is your signature dish, which your friends and family rave about? •
Considering that I seldom cook, or entertain, I don’t have a signature dish, but all my dishes are uniquely my own. My grilled salmon served with an orange and basil reduction is always a winner, but I can turn tinned beans into a gourmet showstopper.

3. On a scale of 1- 10 (10 being highest) how would you score your dinner party hosting skills?
I’d give myself an eight because I ensure my guests are the focus of my attention, and they never have to see me slaving in the kitchen. If I put in more effort I’d give myself a ten.

4. What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster to date?
I never have a dinner party disaster that I can’t repurpose as a success. Kitchen disasters only exist if you admit to them.

5. If you could invite a South African entertainer to perform at your dinner party – who would you invite?
I would invite Crystal Carrington – a fabulous female impersonator who is a lethal package of brains, beauty, and balls! She’s not your average drag queen who dons her mother’s frocks on a Friday night and lip syncs to Diana Ross!

6. How do you want to be remembered on CDWM SA following your dinner party?
A social media foodie who knows his food. I might be a fierce restaurant critic but I’m also any restaurants biggest ally. I’m a lot of fun.

7. What do you think makes you the ultimate host with the most?
I like to push the envelope when entertaining. I like to try create something that people have never experienced before, or may only have seen in a magazine or on television. I don’t do average.

8. What is your idea of a nightmare dinner party and guests?
Unadventurous foodies with fake food allergies. Lazy people who consider convenience food a dining treat. Obnoxious people who think it’s acceptable to critique their host’s cooking in front of them. Guests who deliberately sabotage their hosts agenda for the evening.

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