The business lunch is back at The Maslow Hotel! #DineJoziStyle @TheMaslowHotel @MillionThrills

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The Maslow, Sun International’s luxury urban retreat in the heart of Africa’s business hub Sandton, caters to the businessman’s every need.

The latest course on the Maslow menu is the business lunch, which is different from the informal, leisure lunch.

The team at The Maslow know that business lunches are bound by time constraints and have gone to great lengths to provide the perfect meeting and lunch venue.

The Maslow’s garden setting provides a respite from the bustle of Sandton, just minutes away – and is the perfect environment for strategizing, networking and the clinching of deals.

To ensure that business guests have quick and easy access to their meal there is a harvest table – laden with the freshest produce. The choice of protein to accompany this fresh feast includes prawn quesadillas, Chalmar sirloin medallions, or pan-fried market fish. There is also main course menu that includes a delectable selection of meat, fish, pasta and vegetarian options.

We have planned our business lunch menu to ensure speed if it is needed, without compromising on quality or taste.
Garth Johnson | Executive Chef at The Maslow

To ensure that guests are not disturbed at a critical point in the lunch/meeting the staff has been expertly trained to take their cues from the guests, to know when not to intrude.

To ensure absolute ease for business lunch guests, The Maslow offers a pick-up and drop-off shuttle within a 3-5km radius of the hotel. The business lunch is served every day from noon to 3pm.

Visit The Maslow.

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