Gain marketing muscle at #Madex2017; free pre-registration is now open @MadexExpo @MarkexSA

Do you ever feel like all you have learnt, know and do is suddenly and without warning being turned upside down? 

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Do you sit in traffic and wonder is dark traffic and why does it matter so much? Then you ponder why are you even sitting in traffic when everything seems to be happening in the digital space? Am I becoming fragmented like data lost in space, you may ask yourself?


Two excellent seminar theatres boast more than 20 free lectures to help you get to grips with terminology such as “an influencer marketing campaign”, “chatbots”, “short-lived content”, “virtual and augmented reality”, “mobile marketing strategy”, “artificial intelligence”, “infobesity”, “niche curation”, “e-mail marketing”, “effective measurement”, the list goes on.

These trends are influencing your job and you need to be a step ahead to ensure your survival. It’s gripping stuff brought to you by gurus in the know. Do not miss out, as it’s first come first seated.

The seminar programme can be viewed here. It’s split into “The Fundamentals” and “The Academy”, the former covering all the basics, with the latter delving deeper into trends. Keynote speakers include John Vlismas, Femi Abedanji, Grant Lottering, Brent Lindeque, Samke Ngwenya and Eric Vermeulen.

The value adding Cinema Theatre provides addition visual insight and is inspired by local advertising campaigns.

“The scenario today in marketing is the same as in any other industry. You need to adapt to the marketing disruption or risk being left behind. We created Madex as we saw a dire need for information to get up to speed with what is happening in this industry and alleviate the fear of redundancy. Traditional marketing is failing. It’s fact. And so, skillsets need to be retaught and rethought. Above all, awareness needs to be created that, sadly, yes, you are being left behind and you do not even know it,” adds says Nick Sarnadas, event director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery.

Madex takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre on the Sandton on 07 June and 08 June 2017. The show is co-located with Markex 2017, Africa’s premier promotional product event. One ticket allows you to visit both show. 

Pre-register for free at www.madex.co.za

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