Africa’s premier design, décor and lifestyle exhibition is more than just a space to source the best industry products and services, experts are also on hand to empower visitors with helpful home improvement tips and user-friendly advice. Extending this insightful platform at Decorex Joburg, taking place at Gallagher Convention Centre from 9 to 13 August, is the Builders DIY Theatre.

Builders is renowned for carrying the latest and widest range of quality products with staff members to offer the best services, useful to building and maintenance contractors, home improvement and DIY enthusiasts as well as those looking to undertake any gardening.

“It can be daunting taking on a home improvement project and often people don’t realise their own potential,” said Andre Steyn Marketing and Innovations Director of Builders. “This is why we feel the Builders DIY Theatre is such a fantastic addition to the Decorex Joburg space. Our charismatic and informed presenters will give really useful ‘how to’ advice on various home and garden improvements, paving the way for visitors to unlock their hidden building talents.”

Presenting at this year’s Builders DIY Theatre will be the Builders’ Home Made Easy (The Home Channel on DSTV 176) presenters, Tanya Visser, Elle Franco and winner of the Builders’ presenter search, Ryan Paulsen, as well as DIY guru, Dave van den Bergh.

Anyone looking for some garden inspiration should stop by to hear Tanya Visser cultivate a passion for all things DIY.

“What’s not to love about DIY?! It is so empowering and fulfilling,” she exuded. “From an idea, to the planning – and mistakes – and then the end product, it is just the best feeling. DIY has become an entrenched hobby in South Africa and I only see the movement increasing in popularity. At the moment, the ‘Grow Your Own’ revolution is certainly upon us in full force. Home-made potting benches, greenhouses and plant stands are becoming popular.”

Having learnt the trade from her late father, a builder himself with a passion for carpentry, Tanya spends her weekends building and creating. She said the trick was to ‘plan, plan and plan again’.
“Make sure you have the right tools and know how to work them. Have your own space to work in, whether it be a potting bench to make a mess or a little space under the carport or garden. This is your DIY man cave or she shed!”

Visitors to the show can expect some spring-focused gardening insights, suited to everyone from the novice to expert. Also appealing to a range of tastes and abilities will be demonstrations performed by Elle Franco.

“I like to come up with projects that will speak to the beginner DIYer and the advanced DIYer so I will be featuring three home projects aimed at novice, intermediate to advanced levels,” she said. “For this show, I wanted to throw in a project that would inspire parents and even get the kids involved so I will demonstrate how to make a sideboard table, a spring home sign and a children’s toy storage unit.”

Coming from a home where DIY was a beloved part of everyday living, Elle knew from a young age the benefits of crafting by hand. She said there has definitely been an emergence of DIY, particularly with the rise of social media and the power of image sharing.

“Now your home DIY projects can be photographed and shared with others also doing DIY,” she said. “That starts a conversation and maybe inspires others who have never tried DIY but have always wanted to.”

Commenting on current DIY trends, Elle said there is always a resonance with what is happening in the design world. “I am loving the copper trends of 2017, together with using dark colours in interior spaces like navy blue or black – don’t knock it until you have tried it! I also love the ‘marble look’ trend in the home, particularly in small ornamentals such as trays or vases.”

Echoing Tanya’s advice, Elle advises everyone to ‘plan down to the last millimetre’. “A well-planned DIY project makes it more successful. Research, product knowledge, material shopping lists and appropriate safety gear are all a must.”

For Ryan Paulsen, dismantling and re-assembling toys took up most of his childhood as he satiated his curiosity for creating and building things.

“DIY is an outlet for creative expression, which allows you to add your own personal touch to pieces around the home,” said Ryan. “DIY enables people to be creative and save money while building functional living spaces. I personally enjoy the integration of copper with different mediums such as concrete or wood. This industrial application can suit many décor schemes and is a classic trend being reinvigorated this season.”

Ryan’s recent demonstrations included how to make a side table using only a scrap wood; some concrete creations such as a door-stop and vase; and finally, a wine rack using copper piping, wood and leather straps.

Joining these three at the Builders DIY Theatre is Builders Warehouse handyman, Dave van den Bergh, a Durban-based photographer and graphic designer.

Dave has always had a keen interest in DIY, opting to assist his father building and repairing items in the garage when given the chance. This interest has led to a vast understanding of woodworking, steel mechanics and everything in between, all of which he will share in easy step-by-step directions with the Decorex audience.

Advising all first-time DIYers to ‘measure twice, cut once’, Dave said he hopes to share the sense of accomplishment that accompanies a completed project with the Decorex Joburg audience.

Commenting on some current trends, he said: “I have noticed a lot of clean geometric designs coming through and the use of neutral pastel colours complimented by bright accents.”

Visitors can incorporate some of these trends in the projects Dave will be sharing, including how to make a table light from a cut-off pipe; a rustic coat or key hook and a handy armchair table.

To engage with these exciting characters and pick up some handy step-by-step DIY tips, visit Decorex Joburg at Gallagher Convention Centre from 9 to 13 August. Tickets are sold through www.ticketpros.co.za and at the door.

Visit www.decorex.co.za

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