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Wellness Warehouse is celebrating 11 years of living life well this July!

When I was 11, living life well-meant summer holidays by the beach, braais and salad days, and fruit juice. I’ve always been naturally health conscious so those weren’t difficult choices for me.

Today, I still love the ocean but am more aware of the importance of sunblock, I think braais are healthier than we give them credit for, I still love salads, but I’m also more aware about the destructive influence sugar, so I’ve reduced my sugar intake – which includes not adding it to my food, reducing dessert portions, and drinking less fruit juice unless it is freshly squeezed or diluted with some sparkling water.

To win a wellness birthday hamper worth R1,500 from Wellness Warehouse to celebrate #11YearsOfWellness #LiveLifeWell #HappyBirthdayWellnessWarehouse, simply share this post and comment what living life to the full meant to you when you were eleven and what it means to you today!

wellness warehouse jozistyle

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    Entries close on Sunday, 29 July 2018 at 5PM.
    The winner will be selected by an online random generator.
    Winners will be announced by Monday, 30 July 2018 at 5PM.
    The prize is not transferable for cash.

The winners will be announced on JoziStyle.joburg and informed by email.
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  1. Wendy Meijer

    Living life well at 11 meant hours of fun in the sun and sometimes getting really sunburned. Today living life well means always using sun screen, wearing a hat in the sun and staying out of the midday sun.

  2. Losh Don Kisten

    Wow, when I was eleven living full, meant playing outdoors with friends, having fun while excercising with the fun sports, running around carefree, and today it means a holistic approach – where my mind, boody & soul are in harmony & balance, from the exercise I do get and making the right food choices at the grocery store. #11YearsOfWellness #LiveLifeWell #HappyBirthdayWellnessWarehouse. Entering on Twitter & FB too


    Living well at 11 for me meant running cross country in school. I had very bad asthma. The docters always tell parents that your child cant be active in sports. I didnt listen. I basically cured my asthma by running. It improved my lungs. Now Im still living well after being diagnosed with erosive gastritis. Now I buy gluten free products. I even bought Flax seed powder from Wellness Warehouse and its the best.

  4. Martie Schoeman

    Living life well when I was 11 was quite a while ago. We played in the street with kids from the neighbourhood. We stayed fit because we run around a lot. No TV’s. My mother use to gave as a lot of fruit and veggies for dinner and lunch. I am still love veggies and fruit with white meat. #11YearsOfWellness #JoziStyle

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