LG Electronics launches the new 4k Oled TV with an African stargazing experience @LGSouthAfrica

LG Electronics were joined by press for an experience like no other, to introduce them to the 2016, LG OLED TV 4K model range.

LG Electronics whisked me away from the bustle of the city and to the Cradle of Humankind for a truly cosmic introduction to LG’s latest home entertainment offering: the new LG OLED TV4K.

Once guests arrived at the beautiful restaurant at the Cradle of Humankind Boutique Hotel, Dean Daffue, Go-To-Market (GTM) Manager for LG Electronics South Africa, gave a presentation to outline the pristine quality and unparalleled benefits of the next-generation TV screen.

LG OLED TV 4K represents a giant leap forward in television technology, both in terms of design and performance. For the first time ever, an ultra-thin OLED panel has been bonded onto a transparent glass plate, making the LG OLED TV 4K range of TVs impossibly thin and beautifully sleek, but like so many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Unlike traditional LED screens, the OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through, which means they don’t require an external light source for brightness. The result is remarkably dark blacks in an image, and when you combine this with the billions of colours the LG OLED TV 4K is able to produce, you’re in for a viewing experience like no other!

Just as the evening’s amateur stargazers discovered, achieving the most vivid viewing experience requires the deepest, darkest black tones possible to make light and colour really pop.

In addition to the crystal clear picture, guests were blown away by the exceptional sound quality, as well as other innovative features like Magic Remote, Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection, and WebOS 3.0. The award-winning WebOS platform ensures longevity for the LG OLED TV 4K range, cleverly taking into account the surge of viewers adopting streaming services like Netflix as an alternative mode of television viewing.

The whole evening was about bringing pristine clarity to life, which is why well known photographers Tanya and Cory Schmitz were in attendance to present a talk, as well as letting guests play around on some of the equipment. “The focus of the event was to bring to light the excellent visual appeal of our new LG OLED TV 4K, which was achieved through the activities and presentations that were held on the day,” said Daffue.

To finish off the visual experience, the press was taken on a stargazing walk in the surrounding area, where an expert provided a talk on astronomy and pointed out some of the most breathtaking constellations.

“We’re extremely excited for the future of TVs and the pristine quality and imagery the LG OLED TV 4K technology provides. Our focus on incorporating the best in class technology alongside a viewing experience like no other is something we’ve been working on for years and we are blown away with the result, much like our customers are,” Daffue concludes.


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