Listen to Laurie Levine’s haunting new single and music video ‘Mozambique’ today! @Laurie_Levine

Songs take their time. Sometimes it’s only years after something happens that you can finally process it and give it a voice. The setting for this song is Mozambique, circa 2011.
Laurie Levine | Singer Songwriter

Since surfacing with her remarkable debut, Unspoken, back in 2007, Laurie Levine has meticulously crafted a career that has turned her into a singer-songwriter of real substance.

Over seven records and countless live performances, the South African-based artist has taken her original material to a growing fan base, earning multiple accolades along the way. Among these were four nominations at the annual South African Music Awards (SAMA), the most recent being for ‘Tigerlily’- her duo project with singer songwriter Josie Field. Over the last few years her performances at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival led to two Standard Bank Ovation Awards. Her music has also received some recognition abroad- the UK release of Six Winters led to two successful UK tours in 2012 and 2014 and rave reviews internationally (No Depression gave it 10/10 and Uncut gave it 8/10).

Laurie Levine is best known for her fresh blend of Americana and folk music. The release of her new solo record, ‘Canyons’, brings with it a whole new sound and outlook. She has moved away from the acoustic terrain of country and folk into a lush world of electric guitars, beats, synths and spacious reverbs. ‘Canyons’ delves deep into the recesses of longing and nostalgia, with a burning hope as the undercurrent that gently washes through the record. Dark at times, introspective and pierced with a sublime beauty, the songs reverberate and shimmer with otherworldly elegance and intelligence. While some songs are intoxicating with ominous lyrics and black staccato beats, others glow with optimism and a rich lyricism that is bought home by the intimacy of Levine’s vocal delivery.

The narrator of the song is reliving a memory through the verses and then coming back to the present tense with one core question in the choruses: ‘Will I ever be the same again? This is a story of love found and love lost, and the aftermath.

We danced under a quilt of stars/I felt you moving in the dark/your eyes filled with galaxies/held the promise of eternity. But time had her way/broken words washed up/by the light of day/and in that rugged bay/in Mozambique my heart remains.
Laurie Levine | Singer Songwriter

The music video for ‘Mozambique’ was directed by Cape Town based film maker Barry De Villiers.

We approached Barry because we love his aesthetic, the beauty of his work and his ability to feel artists’ music through visuals. We wanted to avoid going too literal by referring to the narrative of the song, the love found and love lost story. We wanted something poetic and a little abstract that would capture the mood of song. We used two locations to capture the different worlds of the past tense (the memory) and present tense referred to in the song. Our vision was to create something dreamy, fluid and emotionally honest.

The first location is Noordhoek beach in Cape Town. When it comes to shooting outdoors, the success of a video is always contingent on the weather. Luckily, the shoot date fell on a still day, sandwiched between many typically harsh Cape windy days. There was a slight breeze, just enough wind to move the fabric of Laurie’s kimono, and not too much to create chaos. Shooting in the last two hours of light and the sun created pools of gold in the sand and water… “It was magical.”

The other location was an apartment, and the two different locations were used to create an overlapping dream world, a waking dream world and the real world – different planes to suggest memory, past and present tense.

We used slow motion for the footage and I was really thrilled with the resulting mood of the shots: Languid, ethereal and emotive.
Laurie Levine | Singer Songwriter

‘Mozambique’ is the first single release off Laurie’s latest solo record ‘Canyons’ – download it itunes.

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