Launch of the Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFA)

Launch of the Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFA)

Major players in ecommerce launched the new Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFA) on 12 November in Johannesburg and 13 November in Cape Town.

The mission of the EFA is to drive sustainable, profitable and reputable growth of the ecommerce business in Africa. Mr Nic Robertson, Chairman of the EFA and Head of Strategy and New Business at Media24 Ecommerce, said “The lack of any tradition of distance selling in Africa is a challenge, but also a vast opportunity given the penetration of the cell phone on the continent which facilitates ecommerce.” He added “We therefore need to grow trust both with consumers and potential e-merchants, which we will do by providing relevant research and training. We are also looking to develop a trustmark* to encourage confidence in ecommerce”.

The EFA has already started to make contact with government and with international ecommerce organisations.

Ecommerce has already grown very fast, particularly for services and business to business, and it is being used by consumers in conjunction with brick and mortar retail. Ecommerce has its own specific requirements which will be addressed by the EFA.
Alastair Tempest | Executive Director of the new EFA.


08h00-08h20    Registration
08h20 – 08H30
Welcome and VIP introductions
Terry Murphy, EFA Convenor`
———————————- *** ——————————–
08h30 – 08h50
EFA Briefing
Nic Robertson,Chairman, EFA
———————————- *** ——————————–
08h55 – 09h15
Gaining trust in ecommerce  
Justin Drennan, CEO, ParcelNinja.com
———————————- *** ——————————–
09h20 – 09h40
Training and education needs
Lyndi Lawson-Smith, Campus Director, Red & Yellow
———————————- *** ——————————–
09h45 – 10h05
Research sources and standardisation
Luisa Mazinter, CEO, TheMarketingSite.com
———————————- *** ——————————–
10h10 – 10h30
Regulation – VAT negotiations; update on POPI
Alastair Tempest, Executive Director, EFA
———————————- *** ——————————–
10h35 – 11h05
Delegates prioritize the issues for EFA
Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix
———————————- *** ——————————–
11h10 – 11h30
Why you should join the EFA
Terry Murphy & Alastair Tempest
———————————- *** ——————————–
11h30   Conference Closed.

Visit www.ecomafrica.org for more information.

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