Lakota Silva drops her hot new single #BlowItUp @LakotaSilva @GalloRecordsSA

Lakota Silva releases her powerful and sexy new single ‘Blow It Up’ through Gallo Record Company TODAY.

‘Blow It Up’ is Lakota Silva’s first release with top indie label, Gallo Record Company. The track is a fresh urban pop song with a heavy-weight production element making it the biggest release from this incredibly talented lady. The single encompasses all things sexy, powerful and fun, and speaks of the artist’s ride and rise in the music industry along with her fighting stance for her place in a predominantly male dominated world.

Lakota is excited for fans to hear the single! “I hope fans, friends, will take my heart of courage out of this. I hope it encourages them to take their stand too, their place in their own worlds. We’re made for such a time as this and I want people to flourish baby because they are VALUABLE. I hope ‘Blow It Up’ gets people up, moving and inspired to be all they’re made to be!”

‘Blow It Up’ is also the first release from Lakota since her SAMA-nominated debut body of work ‘POP The MixTape’ and hit singles ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘Sweatt’ and ‘Teeth’ have cemented her as one of SA’s top female artists.

Lakota launched herself into the music scene in 2013 featuring on Locnville’s monster hit ‘Closer’ and thereafter laying down rhymes with Pascal & Pearce and Classy Menace. She stands firmly on her own now and is creating music that is placing her in a league of her own.

‘Blow It Up’ is a must-have for the ultimate music playlist! Stream or download the single from itunes.

At 25, Pop music’s freshest game-changer, Lakota Silva, is reengineering radio, breaking down, and entirely rebuilding what enchanting music’s all about.

Armed with a ten track magazine filled with talent that courses through her entire being, Lakota’s one voice, one dancer, one film maker, one music maker guaranteed to hold your senses ransom each time the Pisces powerhouse takes aim.

Her debut solo album, POP- The MixTape, already an iTunes chart squatter, Lakota’s fascination with the entire entertainment matrix kicked into high gear from a very, very early age. “Dance, drama, art – I did it all at school,” she recalls. The need to express and immerse herself in all things creative equalled a calling, something she could not, not do. “It’s all a part of who I am. My art and I are one.”

As the eldest of three siblings, and raised by a single mother, Lakota set about taking ownership of destiny early on. “I did all the things at school that were free,” she says. “I sang in the choir my entire school career. I also love achieving. Growing up I took every opportunity afforded me.” Lakota won a scholarship to Reddam House, a school respected for its arts curriculum. “I did it all,” she says. “Dance, drama, art, I even joined the school’s jazz band!” All of which is now serving her well as she spreads her wings beyond her already three massive hit singles, “Do Re Mi”, “Sweatt” and “Revelation”.

Before this, Lakota cut her hit-making teeth adding vocals to the likes of Locnville’s monster hit “Closer” and putting down rhymes with Pascal & Pearce and Classy Menace, in-between appearing in formers’ videos. Having since graduated from South Africa’s only dedicated university for film, AFDA, Lakota loves scripting, choreographing and performing for video almost as much as she waxes lyrical.

At the end of 2012 she stood on stage, in front of 50 000 screaming Justin Bieber fans and loved every second it of it when she and Locnville were the opening act for him. “Closer” was the groups massive hit Lakota helped make great. “I was so ready!” she recalls. “My mantra’s always been to do my best or not at all.”

Entirely professional and incredibly proficient, every single aspect of Lakota’s career is owned, honed and harnessed to be the very best she can be. “It’s all consuming, but completely rewarding and important to me that my destiny’s dictated by me,” she reveals.

With cultural roots that run all the way to Madeira, her Portuguese lineage is important to her too. “I’m Cape Town born and raised, but my bigger family’s European,” Lakota points out. “My grandmother sponsored a trip in my gap year, after school, to see and experience her world. It was a precious gift.”

Between overseas adventures, graduating and taking all of her hard earned money from being a part time au-pair, and investing it all in studio and video production, Lakota’s body of independently-produced work impressed major record labels so much so she ultimately got to choose who she’d love work with. “I set up and did my own showcase when my first four tracks and video for “Do Re Mi” were ready,” she recalls. “I even had artwork made for the song covers.”

Mixed, mastered and ready for mass consumption 2014 and 15 were the years Lakota built a launch pad from which her multiple hits have since been launched. POP-The MixTape’s creation formed an intricate part of Lakota Silva’s road ahead. Her debut body of work went on to be nominated for a SAMA in 2016.

“Holding POP-The MixTape in my hands was the realisation of a dream come true,” Lakota admits. “Everything else was a bonus! Only with the loving support of my beautiful hero mom, family, and friends; and by God’s amazing grace am I now well and truly embedded in my own fate.”

Collaborator, hit maker and now freestanding chart-topper all her own creation, Lakota’s first full chapter is an exciting one. Not only for her growing number of fans, but for the firebrand too.

“What’s happening to my career now is happening at the right time,” she insists. “I know who I am and I’ve been sharpening my sword long enough for it to cut to the chase.”

Audio, video and live on stage, present in the moment, is where Lakota’s magic is revealed and we can’t wait to hear and see more from the rising star!

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