John Tsenoli to star in #GoneTooSoon @goldreefcity @colabnetwork

John Tsenoli was recently discovered on the Born To Perform Platform and from this was offered a full time scholarship with Stageworx School Of Performing Arts.

Gone Too Soon - FLTR John Tsenoli, Connell Cruise, MiG Ayesa

In his short time he has completed Grade 6 Trinity London College in Musical Theatre with Distinction and performed as a featured vocalist in A Night With The Stars where he performed with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra. The show was produced and directed by Bryan Schimmal and featured Timothy Moloi and Samantha Peo.

He has also featured in a number of corporate events as a solo vocalist and also with the teen band “The Buzz”.

He is currently recording his first single as part of the Buzz and also working on the BORN FREE project with another BTP success Philip Hanly.

John Tsenoli

His most recent success was performing in the Born To Perform Gala Concert 2016 as the role of Hamilton and is so honoured to have been approached by The CoLab Network to work on GONE TOO SOON and is excited about learning from long time pros MiG Ayesa, Connell Cruise and Kurt Herman.

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