I crossed over with psychic medium John Edward @psychicmediumje

I enjoyed such overwhelming interest when I announced that world-renowned psychic medium, John Edward, was returning to Johannesburg that I had to interview him to find out more.

Chances of getting of getting John to agree to an interview with me were slim at best – he’s been interviewed by the biggest and the best in the industry – literally everyone who matters; including Ellen, Oprah, Larry King, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, Entertainment Tonight, and ABC’S 20/20. Why would John Edward want to speak to JoziStyle?

But, I asked for an interview anyway and he said, “Yes!”

That was that easy part, but then his South African and American publicists and I had to agree on a time that worked for both of us – which proved almost impossible considering there was a nine hour time difference between us, studio time at Radio Today Johannesburg is booked well in advance, and I was reluctant to record an interview over Skype.

I eventually conceded that I was never going to have the opportunity to interview John Edward, but just as I gave up all hope, his publicist contacted me with the news that John was more than happy just to speak to me – no recording equipment necessary, no studio time needed, just a landline. Obviously, I would have wanted feature him on my show, but if a telephonic conversation was the best opportunity I could get to speak to him, I was going to take it with both hands!

John would call me at 4PM!

Hi Edward. This is John. How you doing?
John Edward | Psychic Medium

His voice sounds familiar like an old friend and exudes a warmth and humour.

The obvious question to ask is when he first realized that he had the gift of being a psychic medium. It transpires he became aware of his gift at an early age – as young as fifteen, when he realized that the departed where trying to communicate through him. He was a huge doubter in the paranormal, and it conflicted with his Catholic upbringing, but a well respected psychic woman identified that he had psychic abilities and encouraged him to explore them. She wouldn’t teach him how to use his gift, but suggested he create his own dialogue to communicate with people on the other side.

He describes his dialogue with the other side as a multi-sensory experience that includes visions, feelings, and physical sensations that he can relate to and articulate in a way that listeners can understand. He describes it as a game of “psychic charades” – it’s not as literal as a supernatural colour by numbers.

This is why he says he likes to communicate as simply as possible so nothing gets lost in translation. He has a low regard for larger than life psychics who use theatrics to exaggerate their abilities.

I mention that one aspect of his shows that I enjoy, even though it makes for awkward viewing, was how patiently and persistently he dealt with people who denied the existence of the people who were trying to communicate from the other side. He would say something like, “You have a mother figure who died in flames …”

Which they would deny, but he would persist that it might not be their actual mother, but an aunt, grandmother or possibly even a teacher who they looked up to as a mother figure … and then they would remember that a high-school teacher they looked up to passed away after being in a car crash that erupted in flames.


He makes a point of thanking me for acknowledging that.

I imagine that he encounters as many skeptics as there are online critics, so I ask how does he deal with skeptics. He says he doesn’t. He says you can’t convince a fish to swim upstream if it doesn’t want to, and you can’t change the mind of a skeptic if they don’t want to, but he says that he respects skeptics – and remains a skeptic himself, but he’s not going to attack anybody’s belief system just because they don’t believe his.

I have to ask him what is his personal belief system and where does he think his psychic gift comes from, to which he responds that he believes it comes from God. He’s not against any particular religion but believes they all lead to the same source and that somehow we are all connected to each other and the Divine. This opens further discussion about religion and spirituality that I loved talking to him about but am not going to share online in case I misquote him – but we both agree on the same things and could possibly have talked the night away if we could.

When asked if he’s ever experienced evil spirits or negative energy, he says never in the spiritual world – he only feels love and light, but he adds that the only darkness or “low energy” he has experienced has been in the physical world. I sensed he would prefer not to focus on the negative – and I choose not to pursue it because I would also rather connect with the Divine and the light.

I really enjoyed my conversation with John Edward – he’s surprisingly easy to talk to and we share similar ideas, but I couldn’t keep him on a transatlantic phone-call forever, so before we ended our call I asked what was he looking forward to most while on Johannesburg – and surprisingly it turns out that he’s visiting family and friends!

He’s not going to have time to travel South Africa so get your tickets to see him at Montecasino.

If you would like to connect with John Edward, tickets are available at Computicket.com.

Pssst: John says that they have a backup plan for a second show in Johannesburg – but best to get your tickets now!

BTW: John is not going to find his favourite chicken stir-fry when he returns because the restaurant closed down. Any suggestions?


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