SA now has a restaurant rating that equates to global standards #DineJoziStyle #JHPGourmetGuide


A panel of professional gourmets anonymously evaluated these establishments, taking into account innovation, consistency and service in addition to a wide spectrum of gourmet and sensory criteria. The top 21 restaurants will receive one or two plates in a unique ‘plating’ evaluation system. A one-plate award is for excellent cuisine, a top-quality eating experience. Two plates are awarded for exceptional destination dining – extraordinary cuisine that warrants a special trip. As consistency is such an integral part of performance in the restaurant industry, three plates will be awarded to some or all of these restaurants for upholding and elevating their standards, in the future.


JHP GOURMET GUIDE ™ top restaurants, their chefs and their recipes

Discover 100 diverse restaurants from haute cuisine to hot-and-happening. The guide navigates readers from major cities through country escapes en route, highlighting gourmet getaways, refined dining and fabulous food.  A map, directions and GPS co-ordinates will get the reader there and a QR code links them directly to the restaurant’s website.

This beautiful hard cover keepsake guide will also be used as a memento of these ‘travels’ in the recipes supplied by featured chefs.

The inaugural JHP Gourmet Guide™ will be launched at the Good Food & Wine Show on 27 May 2016 where top featuring chefs will be collecting their awards between 10h00 and 16h00.  After the launch, books will be sold (R299) in all leading book stores and will be available in e-book format.


Jenny Handley owns a brand performance business and is an international restaurant reviewer and writer and author of best-selling business books. She writes regularly for food and lifestyle publications and tops up her formal food qualifications annually by traveling on her taste buds globally.

She is a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Her blog, Jen’s Journeys of Flavour, reflect her reviews and views, home and away, from markets to Michelin-star restaurants.

Jenny is well exposed to the restaurant industry regularly running her ‘Master Class in Brand and Service Excellence’ workshops.  Jenny combines her passions of food, writing and brand performance in this guide.

Visit www.jennyhandley.co.za.

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