Q&A with Jenny Morris about her food, music & The Delicious Food and Music Festival

Q&A with Jenny Morris about her food, music & The Delicious Food and Music Festival!

Edward ChamberlainBell: What are you most looking forward to at the 2015 Delicious Festival?
Jenny Morris: Good food and music of course.

ECB: With all the food options any one could ever hope for at the Delicious Festival, how do you personally decide what you are going to eat?
JM: Haaaaa As a greedy girl I want to taste it ALL, so I find an eating partner that’s greedy too and share the dishes with them.

ECB: What kind of music do you like listen to?
JM: I have a very versatile taste in music from Mafiki Zola to Bach….but the blues steal my heart away.

ECB: Who is your favourite performer or band?
JM: I’m loving all Scott Bradlee and The Post Modern JukeBox that is available now.

ECB: While you are in the kitchen, do you prefer a nice quite kitchen or is there always some music on in the background?
JM: What a question…, always have music in the back ground, it feeds my soul…how else can you create “Mood Food”

ECB: Could you tell us a little about your new series that’s coming to Food Network?
JM: Reza and myself will be teaching six would be chefs to create delicious meals, along the way we will be passing on inspiring hints, tips and techniques on how to cook like a professional, our aim is to demonstrate that with a little know how all of us can produce delicious food. From beautiful basics, to wonderful Mediterranean and Asian inspired dishes, all will be served up with our unique humour and sheer joy of cooking in our Fabulous Food Academy.

ECB: What’s been your favourite part of the series to film?
JM: Cooking with my great friend, Reza Mahammad he is my soulmate in food .

ECB: If you could invite any four people to your table, who would they be and why?
JM: Rick Stein for his passion for good food and ingredients….. Hugh Laurie because I love his music and I do think he is rather sexy, my husband to keep me in check around Hugh Laurie and then I would love Helen Zille there as well, we need a strong woman to keep us all in check, besides that she loves good food.

ECB: People from all around the globe are tuning in to Food Network to catch their daily dose of Jenny, what is your opinion makes your show so universal?
JM: It’s entertainment with food at its heart….and I don’t know if many people who don’t eat and we all learn from each other.

ECB: You have travelled the world, which has been your most memorable trip, and why?
JM: China for its food, rich culture, art and wonderful people, when you make friends with a Chinaman you have a friend for life…my happiest moment was in Beijing for the Chinese new year in the kitchen of a friend with her old mother, rolling dumplings and cooking them in broth to serve as the clock struck 12pm to bring in the New Year with lots of luck!

ECB: What country in your opinion has the most delicious cuisine?
JM: Gosh that is a mean question to ask a girl that is in love with so many cuisines, but as I have to give you one, I would say Asian across the board.

ECB: You’ve done the Rivera, you’ve done Morocco, what’s next?
JM: I would love to do Portugal and Spain.

ECB: Why do you think people pop by the Food Network stand at the 2015 Delicious Festival?
JM: So we can thank them for their support!!!!!!! But I’m sure that it is also to say Hi lol!

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