Uber Eats Reveals South Africa’s Favourite Burger Orders #InternationalHamburgerDay

International Hamburger Day Uber Eats DineJoziStyle (2)

Friday, 28 May 2021 is International Hamburger Day, and to celebrate the world’s favourite bunned sandwich, Uber Eats has released some key statistics, proving just how loved it is, even in lockdown!

What are burger aficionados loving this International Hamburger Day?

International Hamburger Day Uber Eats DineJoziStyle (2)

The softest rolls, smothered in a variety of garnishes, dripping with sauce or simply all extras removed for the traditional taste, burgers continue to be a firm favourite for South Africans. Uber Eats has compiled the list of the nation’s favourite flavour combinations, additions, subtractions and down-right quirky requests when it comes to the world-famous sandwich dish.

Best Burgers
Tough days, cheat meals and well-deserved spoils can only be commemorated with the very best in taste and flavour, and in South Africa, locals chowed down on multiple cheeseburgers, as this was the most ordered burger, with the largest single order since the beginning of the year being over 120 burgers!

A bacon cheeseburger was a close second followed by the chicken burger. These honourable mentions prove that South Africans take the basic bun and truly make it the supreme sandwich. While eaters enjoyed a side of chips with their burger the previous year, this year they opted out of a traditional side, rather coupling their burger with a Coca-Cola!

Burgers are the meal for any type of day and go down great at any time. Locally, the most popular ordering time is between 17:00 – 18:00 PM with thousands of orders coming through, while lunchtime snackers at 12:00 PM was a close second.

International Hamburger Day Uber Eats DineJoziStyle

Favourite Flavours
While the old-school burger consists of a protein staple topped with a mayo-whip, lettuce and trimmed with fresh tomato, locals are anything but basic in taste. It’s clear the spicier the better for South Africans as a burger with some zing is a popular option, with hot wings being ordered on the side!

No trimmings left unused, grilled onions and pickles were among the most requested making the already delicious fan favourite even more desirable.

Lekker in Lockdown
With the third wave looming and talks of new restrictions, homes have become safe spaces and with Uber Eats, staying fed is convenient. With the app’s leave at door policy, all orders are dispatched via contactless delivery, making satisfying any hamburger hankering as good as done. Another feature added to the app during lockdown allows customers to easily send treats and share the status of delivery with a simple tracking link.

It’s the ultimate customisable meal, that’s strong enough to stand on its own, or perfect with some chips or in many cases a coca-cola. Be it simple and traditional, bunless or double, gourmet or vegan, there is a burger for anyone this International Hamburger day and it’s just a tap away with Uber Eats!

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