Africa's only dedicated furniture & decor & design trade expo @InspireExpos continues to innovate.

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Since the launch of the inaugural expo in July this year at Gallagher Convention Centre, the positive response both locally as well as internationally has been remarkable, with some large partnerships and new initiatives being revealed within the next few months. The Expo’s biggest strength lies in the realisation that you cannot be everything to everyone. It has been proven internationally that you cannot be both a consumer show as well as a trade expo, due to an entirely different mix of exhibitors. After many months of research, both locally as well as internationally feedback showed dominantly, that Africa and particularly South Africa was in desperate need of a Trade only expo.

Rina Fortmann, CEO of Inspire Trade Expo, is regarded by many as being a leading exponent within the exhibition industry in South Africa and emphasises the need for such an expo on the African continent to boost locally produced exports. We have a great design culture in South Africa and finally found our own design aesthetic. We are now able to compete with top designers around the globe and Inspire Trade Expo will be the platform for these “new”designers explains Fortmann. Launching a brand new expo is extremely difficult under current economic conditions as first time exhibitors want to see proof that an event is worth investing in. Many thought it would be impossible, but through a dedicated team and focusing on every detail, Inspire Trade Expo not only successfully launched but also raised the bar within the exhibition arena.

There is something to be said about being first, says trend consultant to the expo, Dave Nemeth, and however risky it is, success will mean other players seeing a gap and trying to capitalise on it. Our strength lies in the fact that we are focused and relevant. We are not governed by large corporate structures, meaning we can adapt business and manipulate our models as we see fit, without trying to convince an entire board of shareholders. The expo has already been noticed by some very large industry players both locally and internationally that want to collaborate and partner with us. This year’s expo realised the start of a relationship with Samsung, which will continue to grow and develop.

Further to the highly anticipated Trend forecast, this will again be launched at the expo, and 2015 will host Africa’s very first ‘Design Thinking’ conference. It is no longer good enough to simply empower designers, we need to be educating big corporate business in the relevance of designers and more specifically the process of ‘Design Thinking’ within corporate structures. The role of the designer needs to change just as we see all other industries adapting and changing to gain all important market share. Details of the two day conference as well as booking details will be made available at the beginning of 2015.

Inspire Trade Expo Africa’s first and largest ‘B2B’ trade expo focused on design will continue to grow and innovate. We will continue to focus on growing local design and manufacture as well as stimulating foreign investment and trade within this sector. We are constantly questioned about adding on a consumer element to the expo and the answer is NO, says Fortmann. In order to continue our growth as the leading design trade expo, it is essential to remain focused and concentrate on ‘B2B’ development. Most businesses that try to be everything to everyone fail within a short period of time. We are here for the long haul!

Bookings are opened for 2015. Interested parties can contact our Sales & Marketing Director Claire Fortmann (claire@inspiretradeexpo.co.za) or visit our website

Inspire Trade Expo 2015 Details:
Wednesday, 10 June – Friday 12 June 2015
Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg
9am-5pm Daily
No charge for pre-registered trade buyers.

Visit www.inspiretradexpo.co.za to be inspired!

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