Imeology – Mastering the Art of Being Human, with the Intelligence of Spirit

Imeology is the search for the ‘I’ in ‘Me’. It is an ideology created by Sharon Ryan, with the purpose of clarifying the understanding that we DO live in a perfect world. “It is a deeply inductive journey of building a bridge of understanding between the head and the heart,” explains the creator of Imeology, Sharon Ryan.

Six years ago, Ryan decided to walk away from her comfortable and predictable life because she’d come to a point where she believed that there was more to life than her daily routine. Although she ran her own business with her husband in the Eastern Cape, she found herself becoming increasingly unhappy.
She decided to move back to Johannesburg on a quest to find herself. In the process she became a Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and studied various other modalities. She coached for a while but that still didn’t fill her heart with the joy she was looking for. “As my search and research continued, I made the decision to read less and feel more – that was the turning point in my life,” shares Ryan.

Her sabbatical and self-imposed isolation lead to the birth of Imeology. “Imeology has given me the freedom to be ME, unapologetically, confidently and boldly. I stand in my truth, calmly. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to share this wisdom and understanding, so others can experience this level of freedom too”.

With the belief that Imeology has the power to make a difference to every human being, Ryan is launching this incredible ideology and practice on Monday, 29 February 2016. At the launch Ryan will share with the audience, her journey of Self-discovery, and how they too, can find liberation.
Join her at Skoobs in Monte Casino for a light evening of deep insight. MC is Lazarus (Lazarusman) Mathebula and guest speakers are Dr Ridwan Mia (world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon) sharing his perspective on “being selfish is the route to selflessness”. and Anice Kruger (mother and author of burn victim ‘Pippie’) shares how ‘tragedy and challenges grow us’.

Visit www.imeology.co.za.

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