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Josephine Buys
CEO IAB South Africa

Didier Uljasz
Topic: Keynote Accenture Interactive – TBC
MD Accenture Interactive, Head of personalisation EALA and Digital Marketing Lead for MART

Alexandra Salomon
Director International, IAB Washington D.C.
Topic: The Four Principals of Great Advertising
Alexandra Salomon is a veteran in online marketing, global advertising, digital publishing/media, and international business. She has worked for leading brands including AOL, Overture, Yahoo, and LivingSocial, as well as start-ups and consulting services.
Four key principles of what makes great advertising and how IAB and its members can be part of it, including South Africa’s participation on the IAB (Global) Tech Lab

Davin Phillips
Executive Director, CSA.global
Communication Services Africa (CSA) And Celebrity Services Africa”
Topic: I AM THE ARCHITECT OF MY WORLD: how mobile and streaming is set to change the way brands can remain relevant in the digital world Davin is a brand and new media specialist with a renowned and respected insight into developing innovative strategies for African markets.

Today, 32% of all news is consumed by peer-to-peer connectivity and, with live streaming becoming even more innovative, that number is only going to increase. Add to this the growth of mobile in Africa and the Internet of Things – where all your devices are connected – consumers are not limited by physical location, hardware or time but, rather, can tap into an infinite source of information at a click of a button. What this means is that while brands can now connect with more people, more often, a simple TVC no longer works. To stay relevant, brands need to be selective and there is no better way than by connecting with artists & influencers, who are set to become 21st Century-style media conglomerates, empowered by mobile convenience. Welcome to a world where content is what mobilises an audience.
Davin Phillips

Ferial Haffajee
Topic: Editor-at-large HuffPost SA
Fake news and the importance in investing in good quality journalism and content.
Ferial Haffajee is the editor-at-large at the Huffington Post South Africa. She was the Editor in Chief of City Press Newspaper. She is former Editor of the Mail & Guardian from 2004 to 2009 and the first woman Editor of this major South African newspaper. She is former Chairperson of the South African National Editor’s Forum. Haffajee sits on the boards of the International Womens Media Foundation, the World Editors Forum, the International Press Institute and the Inter Press Service. ” “”Everything we know about ‘the media’ is changing. Disruption is constant. Fake is real. Fact is not always fact. I look forward to knocking heads together as we confront our new world.

Journalism is dead! A chapter I read recently. We have to keep it alive. To thrive.
Ferial Haffajee

Ryan Smit
IAB Measurement Council Head of Measurement
Topic: The future of digitized media measurement
Ryan has been actively involved in data, analytics and strategy for over 10 years, across a number of different roles. He joined Silverstone in 2015 as Analytics Director in order to enhance and manage the data and analytics strategies across business operations in Africa and the Caribbean. He has recently been made Chief Strategic Officer, which has expanded his responsibilities to include group-wide strategic planning and business development. Ryan is also the Analytics Lead for Adjoin Media, and is responsible for utilizing data management platforms to build out valuable audiences for the project. “Title – The future of digitized media measurement

In the future all media will be digitized, and will be measured as such.
Ryan Smit

Digital technology has enabled the explosion of digital media, and at the same time the digitization of traditional media. This talk will discuss the current state of media measurement, and the trends in media measurement which will shape the media industry in the next 5 years.”

Melissa Attree
Creative Director Ogilvy PR Cape Town
Topic: Key trends that will disrupt the content marketing space over the next year
Before joining Ogilvy Attree was Creative Director at Cerebra between 2012 and 2014. She kick-started her career as a copy writer before managing the local strategic transformation of the Kérastase brand for L’Oreal and then providing the social media strategy for 5FM for four years. “How does a brand say the same thing in 15 000 ways?

Content Marketing has become an essential component of the marketer’s toolkit, the creation of content isn’t going anywhere any time soon but it will most definitely change. With behavioural tracking it’s likely that we’ll start to see a more personalised approach where publishers will be able to give their audience what they really need or want.

So what are the predictions for the future of content creation and distribution? Yesterday it was snap chat, today it’s Instagram stories and who knows what the internet of things holds? In an industry where tech developments are fast moving, publishers are having to adapt even quicker than before. This session will unpack the key trends that will disrupt the content marketing space over the next year.
Melissa Attree

Lunga Ngcime
Digital Marketing Lead Unilever Africa.
Topic: Content in the Mobile Connected World
Lunga Ngcime is the Digital Marketing Lead for Unilever Africa. He is an expert in creating, executing and scaling digital marketing as a strategic capability across Africa. He is a digital leader with the passion to drive transformation across a global organisation including working with teams across Africa to deliver multi-million rand cost savings through targeted digital media planning and ROI models.

Mobile is no longer just another media channel, it is now integrated into every moment of a person’s day. With the evolution of the connected world, consumers now control what they see, when they see it and what platform they see it on. We need to change our mind-sets to create authentic branded content that is relevant to this continuously connected consumer.
Lunga Ngcime

Jessy Severins
Monetization Yield & Product manager for eBay Classifieds Group.
Customers are going digital, how should advertisers follow their lead? Jessy has spent the last five years’ gaining specialised digital marketing skills, both locally and internationally. Recently promoted to Advertising Yield & Monetization Product manager for the eBay Classifieds Group, Jessy is tasked with managing the programmatic and platform-driven revenue channels of Gumtree.co.za as well as Mexico-based Vivanuncios.com.mx.

According to We Are Social’s annual report, a whopping 26.8 million South Africans are actively accessing the Internet in 2016. However, a significant number of advertisers still prefer to target their audience via traditional media, such as television, print and radio. Jessy Severins discusses the customer’s decision making factors contributing to this imbalance. am really going to think from the customer’s perspective and will address some examples/ask the audience for some input. I will speak about video but mostly about data, content and timing and how they matter to the user.
Jessy Severins

Thabo Molefe
Touch Central Co-Founder
Topic: #DataMustFall
Tbo Touch is a South African hip-hop DJ and television presenter best known for presenting the radio shows Pimp my Fridays and Ryme and Reason on Metro FM and the variety music show Live, on SABC 1. Tbo Touch has seen continued success making numerous television appearances and feature articles in print media. His affiliations, influence and business savvy has seen him work with international A list celebrities such as Akon, Busta Rhymes, Keri Hilson and recently Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Tbo Touch has partnered with Gareth Cliff for the launch of Touch Central which is a 24- hour online music channel focusing on local music.

There’s no doubt the future of radio is only digital. The current state of radio and very prescriptive. TouchCentral provides new and exciting multimedia platforms for advertisers and consumers to engage directly with each other in a meaningful way. We are able to provide accurate data about who is accessing and engaging with us at all the time. With over 400 000 subscribers, just 6 months after our launch we are firmly changing the status quo when it comes to media consumption in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting case studies of campaigns we have executed on TouchCentral in the past 6 months with measurable time spent listening insights… from #datamustfall to the Night Shift campaign which we ran with MTN and future campaigns.
Thabo Molefe

Leonel Silva
Director Media Partnerships EMEA at Celtra, Inc
Topic: Mobile is shaping the best of advertising; find out how”
Digital marketer with experience in RTB, mobile advertising, business development and technical account management across EMEA. Technology enthusiast and passionate about bridging business and technology.

I have proven myself in the past years to develop new markets, liaise different teams, create and roll out partnerships, and advise clients to take advantage of the programmatic world: ad servers, ad exchanges, SSPs, DSPs and DMPs.

Consumer attention is shifting to mobile and video is a tremendous opportunity for brands to connect with people. Great advertising stirs desire but mobile advertising isn’t yet hitting the mark. See how mobile brand storytelling can adapt to drive the return on investment advertisers seek.
– Industry status on mobile and video advertising
– Showcasing mobile and video brand examples
– Highlighting best practices for better creative executions

Celtra is passionate about creating better ads for a generation of customers that expect more from their favourite brands and publishers than clickbait on desktop. The future of advertising is being shaped by mobile, and the IAB South Africa is an excellent platform to guide an industry in the right direction to maximise the trends of tomorrow.
Leonel Silva

Fahmeeda Cassim Surtee
Topic: Group Marketing and Sales Director DStv
Our Perfect Wedding : When Digital Marries TV
Currently responsible for Media Partnerships for creative adtech provider Celtra across EMEA. Bringing Creative back to the centre of Advertising and Marketing Strategy, in conjunction with all media and data opportunities adtech has developed in the past years.

Lee Naik
CEO Transunion Africa
Topic: Driving competitive advantage in this increasingly digital world
Lee Naik is recognised as one of SA’s leading digital and technology transformation experts and is currently the CEO of TransUnion Africa. In this role, he leads a portfolio of businesses that help businesses make more informed decisions and consumers manage their personal information to lead to a higher quality of life. Lee was formerly the MD of Accenture Digital, where he focused on helping organisations across various industries transform their businesses to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. Lee is a frequent speaker and commentator and was recognised as a global top 10 technology commentator in the 2015 LinkedIn Top Voices awards, and was a recipient of the 2015 Standard Bank Rising Stars Award. In 2016, he was one of the top 10 finalists for South Africa’s IT Personality of the Year award.Topic Synopsis

In his presentation, Lee will examine how the Internet has forever changed the way people go about their lives and the implications this has for businesses and governments that wish to remain relevant to their consumers and citizens. He will cover some of the key Internet trends across Africa, together with examples of businesses that have delivered transformed customer experiences and service delivery enabled by the power of a connected society. Lee will share practical advice on how to change your business model to drive your competitive advantage in this increasingly digital world.

I am excited to be joining a stellar line up of speakers to tackle some of this year’s most important conversations around digital. Digital is not just a passing fad and has started to see a fundamental transformation in the way businesses drive their relevance amidst a challenging competitive landscape. The role of the Internet and a connected society cannot be underestimated and I will be discussing some of the key Internet trends and its implications for businesses and governments in Africa.
Lee Naik

Thebe Ikalafeng
CEO Brand Leadership
Topic: Building Great African Brands and Reputations in the Digital Age
Pioneering global African branding and reputation architect, advisor and author. Founder of Brand Africa and Public Sector Excellence. Director of Mercantile Bank, Brand South Africa, WWF and South African Tourism, and vice-Chairman of Brand Council of South Africa. As per Thebe that is the synopsis, and quote.

The IAB Digital Summit is a timely platform to showcase the impact technology/digital has had as the most significant catalyst for Africa’s transformation. It has obliterated community and commercial borders and given Africa a voice in the world. Because of the global breakthroughs of technology led brands such as MTN and Mpesa, two of the most well-respecteced made in africa brands, Africa is acknowledged as a cutting edge market for the digital revolution.
Thebe Ikalafeng

John Sanei
Trend Specialist.
Optimist. Author.
Entrepreneur. Speaker.
Business Innovation Strategist.
Topic: The gamification of everything. Recognized as ’Mr Brand’ by the Mail&Guardian, Ikalafeng is arguably one of Africa’s foremost brand authorities. He has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Thinkers in Marketing in an Ipsos survey among business decision makers in Southern Africa. He is a respected industry leader with wide executive, advisory and board experience. He has been recognized with an American Marketing Association/Marquette University Award for Marketing Excellence and the Asia Brand Congress for Brand Leadership.

As a trend specialist and future focused business innovation strategist being part of the IAB Summit is an excellent synergy for me, joining forces to shape the world is what this new world is about – collaboration at its best.
John Sanei

Fiona Buchner
Topic: IAB Transformation & Education Council progress & the MAC Charter
Fiona Buchner is a Marketing Strategist with over 20 years’ experience in marketing, the vast majority of which has been in the digital space having started her career in digital, being the Brand Executive for www.jobs.co.za and moving onto work on Liberty Life’s Ecommerce venture, becoming Managing Director of Peppers ad Rogers Group South Africa, working for Osiris as Head of Retention Marketing for 15 of their international online brands and heading up South African Tourism eMarketing division before leaving the corporate environment to run her our consulting company. In her consulting capacity, she has worked on numerous brands – online and traditional, both from an agency side, a customer side and as a strategic business facilitator.

Leveraging the MAC Charter to give our transformation agenda impetus – an overview of how the IAB is gearing to deliver short term, medium term and long term impact on the transformation of our industry to deliver against the MAC charter objectives.

Driven from an analytical perspective, her passion is leveraging customer data, consumer insights and customer trends to develop robust marketing strategies. While strategy is her forte, she also has considerable implementation experience, which allows her the hands-on understanding of extrapolating strategy into fully integrated 360 degree campaigns. Being analytically orientated, she focuses on developing quantifiable metrics for campaign success, which allow detailed learning and ROI insight – as well as delivering tools for further refinement and enhancement of the campaign mechanics.

With CRM and the digital sphere being so firmly planted in data driven marketing, Fiona has an additional specialty here. CRM remains her true passion, with customer segmentation profiling and customer profit optimisation strategy development being a particular focus. Working in digital mediums has allowed her to develop robust business analysis skills, joint application development facilitation expertise and system development experience.

Having managed teams and budgets for over 15 years gives her a deep understanding of maximising human potential within a defined budget, and the ability to extract the best from people and available resources. She has also honed her broader strategic business acumen, developing business process engineering skills, strategic facilitation expertise, as well as general HR, operations and workflow management talent.

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