IAB SA Bookmark Awards 2018 finalists announced

The IAB SA today announced the finalists in the 10th annual Bookmark Awards. Encompassing a record 74 categories, the Bookmark Awards will be announced on 1 March. The full list of finalists is available here.

The IAB SA Bookmark Awards honours individuals, agencies, publishers and brands that have produced creative and innovative work that delivers tangible results. Narrowing down finalists from the over 600 entries has taken this year’s panel of judges several weeks and countless hours. Final judging will take place this weekend, on site in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Says IAB SA CEO Josephine Buys: “We have increased our judging categories this year to reflect the constantly evolving digital industry and the range of skill sets and expertise that it now comprises.”

Commenting on the entries received this year, Jury President Jerry Mpufane noted a few key shifts: “We are seeing a lot of entries in the integrated categories, including mixed media campaigns. Most of these entries are from the big brands, an indication that, broadly speaking, the industry has embraced the tech age. We are also seeing lots of social media and content campaigns, and many ‘speaking’ in a very localised South African tone, an indication of a significant shift towards local relevance/resonance. I wish we had seen more entries in the mobile categories. Could this be a missed opportunity? Consider that this touchpoint happens to deliver the first taste of connectivity for the majority of South Africans…”

New categories introduced to the Bookmarks this year include Influencer Marketing, Online Video, Use of CRM, Loyalty Programmes and Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Second Screen campaign and Craft: Excellence in use of sound. Says Mpufane: “I am encouraged by the rise in entries in historically niche categories such as Games, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. The industry could do more, considering the prevalence of these technologies in the ordinary lives of the millennials. I am looking forward to some tough debates during the upcoming on-site judging.”

It is interesting times for the digital sector (and the country) and Awards ceremonies and Award entries need to be mindful of and reflect this. Says Brad Page, Digital Media Director, King James Digital, a judge on this year’s Marketers panel: “As the South African digital advertising industry is maturing it is evolving for the better. It’s been inspiring to see a trend of IAB industry members actively addressing and making progress in areas which require improvement (such as transparency, transformation, diversity, standards, consumer privacy and protection and fraud prevention) in order to further grow the industry, attract top talent and to earn trust.”

The 10th annual Bookmark Awards will be held at The Theatre on the Track, Kyalami on March 1st.

Tickets for the awards ceremony and after party can be purchased here.

Visit www.iabsa.nutickets.co.za.

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