How To Cheat The Seasons

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Somewhere between the seasons everyone’s skin enjoys a moments respite, one is almost tempted to believe this is the result of one’s good genes rather than the direct application of a good product, but unfortunately, this assumption would be wrong.True, without the humidity of summer your skin is less prone to oiliness but only because the temperature is getting cooler before the cold snap of winter whips any moisture out your skin transitions, and a tight, flaky facade forces you to consider early retirement. We think you can retire another day by incorporating two simple strategies into your skin care routine: exfoliate and moisturise!Exfoliation removes dry skin cells which leave your complexion looking look dull; it also stimulates circulation to improve cellular renewal and paves the way for smoother shaves and enhanced moisturisation.

Shaving is another of exfoliation as it shaves away the uppermost layer of your skin; ever notice how your skin glows after a shave? Too much of a good thing is bad as you only want to exfoliate the dead skin without irritating the new skin beneath. New skin also requires added protection, so always apply a good moisturiser afterwards. Ideally, use a mask in between.

There are plenty of excellent masks available in department stores, but the quickest, cheapest & most effective way to exfoliate and moisturize is to mix a handful of sugar with some oil. Ideally massage oil but preferably not petroleum based oils. Mix a handful of sugar with enough oil to make a firm paste and massage gently over moist skin. The sugar will exfoliate dead skin while the oil nourishes the new skin forming underneath. Rinse with warm water and cleanse as usual before shaving in the morning or applying a night cream in the evening. The residual oil assists cleansing, reduces shaving irritation and plumps additional moisture to your skin. Add some essential oils for their added benefits.

If DIY is too much effort then try Scrub Mask by Mac, ClarinsMen Active Face Scrub or Aramis Lab Series MULTI-ACTION FACE WASH  for some serious multi-tasking.

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