Skin Care made easy, with HANNON Skin Care

The HANNON skin care range is the brain child of the Glam Guru, HANNON Bothma. A labour of love that came to fruition after more than a decade of perfecting his skin care range. The range, HANNON Skin Care is divided into seven categories to suit a variety of skin types: oily, combination, normal, dry, mature, pigmented and acne-prone teenage skin.

Each range uses a blend of between seven and nine products to achieve a flawless skin. If you suff er from oily skin, expect less oil and a matt finish. If you have a combination skin, expect moistened cheeks and a matt T-panel. The range contains the clinically tested active ingredient Moist 24, which helps to slow down the visual effect of aging and reverse the existing signs of premature aging considerably. This cosmeceutical skin care range targets and penetrates the regenerative basale layer of the skin and is thus much more than a cosmetic range that merely covers the skin.

Normal skins will be kept hydrated, moist and elastic. Hannon’s promise for dry skin is nourishment, without an oily after sensation. For mature skin, Hannon’s focuses are deep levels of nourishment and rehydration, the result being a calm skin. Pigmentation problems are treated, the result being a more even toned skin. Pimples? Hannon’s range promises a clear skin for those acne issues.

A combination of the products in the range can be combined irrespective of the skin type, an example would be using The HANNON Lighting Serum for pigmentation which can be used for either oily, combination, normal, dry or mature skin.

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