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Charmaine Mampe Ramalope-Makhubela lives up to her reputation for being both glam and a foodie- she is the GlamFoodie!

When not living her dream of being a food stylist, recipe developer, and an event architect, Charmaine is creating exciting foodie content and collaborating with exciting chefs and brands. We had to ask Charmaine how she balance life between being glam and a foodie – and what she loves about Jozi.


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What do you love about Jozi?
Jozi is home, where my heart is. I love the vibe, this city has an edge. I love hustle and bustle and its beautiful people who come from all walks of life.

What do you do in Jozi?
I’m a food stylist, recipe developer and event architect.

Are you a morning or evening person?
I’m definitely not a morning person, I wake up around 8am.


Describe a typical or ideal day in your life?
I usually get up at 8am, I catch up on my emails and start planning my day. Around 10 am I start work, which sometimes involves dashing to the shops to source ingredients and props for my recipes development/food styling shoots. A typical day goes on until 4pm. Once I’m done with work I prepare for going out to dinner with my husband.

What makes someone a JoziStyler?

A person who knows who they are and what they want. A JoziStyler is a go-getter.


How do you spend your weekends in Jozi?I usually spend my weekends in Jozi checking out the newest restaurants and catching up with family and friends.


What’s your favourite season in Jozi?
Definitely Spring, the weather is pleasant and there’s a renewed sense of optimism


Your number one reason for people to visit Jozi?
To make money! I’ve travelled extensively throughout Africa and Jozi is the one place everyone wants to be, primarily to better their lives.


Your favourite hotel in Jozi for a #Staycation?
Mount Grace Hotel in Magaliesburg, it’s just a short drive from Joburg yet it’s so tranquil. The best place to recharge and unwind.


Your favourite holiday spot outside Jozi?
Cape Town, I enjoy seaside destinations. I love visiting the vineyards. There’s always so much to do.


Your favourite restaurant in Jozi?
I absolutely love Tang Restaurant at Nelson Mandela Square, the decor is stunning and the food is amazing —very few restaurants do Asian cuisine justice. it’s become the perfect excuse to dress up.


Describe yourself as a cocktail?
French 75, bubbly, simple and classy.


Favourite spot for sundowners?
Alto 234 at the Leonardo, the views are spectacular and their cocktails are great.


Describe your ideal date night in Jozi?
Anything that involves great sushi and bubbly would make me happy.


What do you do to relax in your spare time?
In my spare time I love to travel. I also unwind by watching food-related content, doccies and reading James Hadley Chase novels.


How did GlamFoodie come about?
GlamFoodie started off as a passion project in 2014 at a time when Foodies were either hobbyists or bloggers, no one was offering a compelling and comprehensive service; the category lacked professionalism. I felt that I could exploit the gap and provide a complete foodie package. I created GlamFoodie WINE&DINE – an events and marketing platform which saw me collaborate with talented chefs and bespoke wine estates to create upscale brand experiences. Food & wine is my passion, it brings me great joy to be able to share that with fellow food and wine enthusiasts. I wanted to also showcase what the South African fine food & luxury wine culture was all about.


What’s next for GlamFoodie?
I’ve dedicated the next two years to learning, travelling and exploring. If there’s anything to learn from COVID-19 pandemic is that it made me realize that life is short and that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. I’m currently based in Nairobi Kenya and I’m opening myself up to new experiences.


Visit www.glamfoodie.com.

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