Gaynor Paynter doing #JoziStyle proud with her community work, Johannesburg theatre reviews & her social media engagement!

Gaynor JoziStyle Social Media
JoziStyle: How did you get involved with JoziStyle?
I’ve always had a fascination for radio, the media, and pop culture, so when JoziStyle engaged my services to assist with their social media management, I grabbed the chance!

JoziStyle: What do you enjoy most about managing JoziStyle on Facebook?
It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about an amazing show. I like the regular involvement and I have met many incredible people involved in radio and the arts, which I love- including our editor, Edward Chamberlain-Bell! I spend most of my time typing and doing transcription so this is a creative diversion. It’s also enabled me to interview some great guests for my own celeb blog, via contacts I’ve made. I’ve learnt a lot about social media, Facebook and the power of the internet through this.

JoziStyle: Best moment?
Watching our followers grow through social media. JoziStyle targets a very niched, exclusive market, so every interaction is appreciated. Worst moment? I don’t think there are any… It’s not too cool when there are technical issues, or guests arrive late, but we keep calm and act professional. I think we have a happy medium!

JoziStyle: Biggest learning curve & tips to other social media managers?
Be authentic. Don’t ever buy fake likes, get real likes and encourage real engagement

JoziStyle: What advice to you offer interviewees on JoziStyle about how they can maximise their publicity after interviews are broadcast or published?

Like JoziStyle, follow @jozistyle, and, most importantly, live JoziStyle.co.za!
Engage with us, tell your friends and family about JoziStyle, and most importantly share our blog posts and podcasts.

JoziStyle: What do you do when you’re not working?
I’ve become very passionate about the theater and about blogging, both of which go hand in hand. I’ve begun doing marketing and reviews for theatre and selling advertising. I’m really enjoying the opportunities of internet marketing, and all it has to offer.

JoziStyle: What professional advice would you share with people?
Get up and show up! Especially if you’re going to be an entrepreneur because time doesn’t wait for anyone. We have to be involved in our businesses all the time. With regards to social media, interact with your audience- especially on Twitter, follow back because it shows you are interested in those following you. If you follow me @Popspeaking, I will follow back.

JoziStyle: How do you find balance?
With difficulty!

JoziStyle: What’s your favourite thing to do in Jozi?
Right at the moment it’s the theatre. We are so spoiled for choice with the theatre and the arts in Joburg at the moment, and also almost every person involved in the theatre is the most friendly and nice person. There was a survey done which says Joburg is the most unfriendly city in the world. We have our problems, but I CAN’T agree with that and I do everything I can to disprove that.

JoziStyle: Describe your personality as a drink?
Like a soda pop. Somedays fizzy and sweet, but if you let the gas go out I can be a bit flat until I put myself back in the Sodastream.

JoziStyle: Favourite movie / TV show / book?
Right now – Big Bang Theory. Historically – Three’s Company, MacGyver, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, 84 Charing Cross Road

JoziStyle: How would you spend R1,000,000 (if not on debt or the poor)?
Put it towards savings. (JoziStyle: Savings and debt are the same thing… Gaynor: Okay, we need another car and are also putting money away for a trip abroad!).

JoziStyle: If you had nothing to do but time for yourself, how would you spend it?
Go on holiday. I haven’t been away even for weekend since 2010.

JoziStyle: What inspires you?
The golden thread of humanity. The reason why I started my blog is because artists, celebrities, authors, and everybody in fact all have the power to tweak the golden thread of humanity and create a common consciousness or awareness.

You can connect with Gaynor directly through www.typewritetranscription.co.za, PopSpeaking.com, @TypewriteSA and @Popspeaking.


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