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I was invited by Gary Rom Hairdressing to experience their approach to hair.

They offered to give one very lucky JoziStyler a hair makeover worth R3,000 but they wanted me to experience their approach to hair-care first. I don’t have R3,000 worth of hair so I was more than happy just to run the competition than take advantage of their offer.

I’ve never had great hair without a lot of effort, but I was never shy to experiment with new cuts, products and every colour know to man, but ever since I started losing my hair I resigned myself to keeping it short and lost interest in doing anything different with it. My lifestyle also changed while I was a yoga instructor so a quick wash and go hairstyle suited me perfectly. I doubted if anything Gary Rom Hairdressing could do would ever convince me that there was something different that I could do with my hair.

They set aside time for a consultation with Beat – one of their stylists at their new salon in the Mall of Africa.

The Gary Rom Hairdressing salon in the Mall of Africa is a contemporary space that will appeal to discerning men and women alike. My immediate observation is that most work stations are tucked behind a room divider to ensure absolute discretion during your treatment. Everyone needs to get a haircut without feeling like they’re on display for passing shoppers. I also like the combination of open space anchored by darkwood furnishings. It feels masculine and contemporary – and there isn’t a hint of pink or excessive promotional materials. There is a wide range of products on display but they’re merchandised for personal consideration and not mass market retail. It feels more like a lounge than a waiting room.

My second impression is that I neither have to wait, nor am I rushed through my consultation. There was an effortless segue between treatments from when Beat introduced herself until the end of my experience. I like the fact that this is my time and everything is focussed on making my time my own.

We begin with a consultation where Beat explains that everything at Gary Rom Hairdressing begins with a scalp analysis to determine the health of your scalp. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. If your scalp is dry, dehydrated, stressed or irritated, it is going to affect the health of your hair – and a healthy scalp is a happy scalp.

Beat rates my scalp 9/10. She’s impressed.

I’m relieved!

Our consultation continues for 30 minutes as Beat asks me to describe my lifestyle, expectations and concerns. It’s not an interrogation of closed questions – and I smile slightly as I notice she is listening to everything that I say and making mental notes. After I’ve finished talking, she probes a little deeper to ascertain if I would consider growing my hair longer or adding some colour.

I’m at the point in my life where I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I am going bald – I’m not happy about it, but I’m comfortable with it. I also know I’m never going to try hide the fact that I’m going bald because I would rather age with some distinction. I do not want to become the kind of man who grows his hair to comb over a bald-spot. It might be good enough for Donald Trump, but it’s not even a consideration for JoziStylers!

Beat suggests I consider the trendy ‘comb-over’ style haircut.

I’m reluctant.

Beat explains that she will shave a path into my hair, shave everything below that line with a #1 blade, and keep all the hair on top longer. She adds that keeping my hair longer on top will also create the illusion of fullness without making me look like I’m trying to hide my thinning hair. She also suggests that I consider a temporary colorant that will boost the natural colour of my hair without making it look like I’ve coloured it. It’s temporary so I don’t have to worry about regrowth. I agree to give it a shot.

Beat escorts me to a private room to have my hair washed. It’s a nice touch to have your hair washed in privacy because while nobody wants to be the spectacle at the baison, and nobody wants to watch you make a spectacle of yourself either. It feels like a room of quiet contemplation. Dark walls lull you into relaxation while soft music quieten your thoughts.

I’m deliberately not going to explain the process because I want JoziStylers to experience first hand for themselves. It is highly recommended. I will share two highlights though: I loved the MINT CLEAN SHAMPOO from the Gary Rom Hairdressing signature range of hair products because it left my scalp feeling refreshed. I also loved the Redken for Men 5 Minute Color Camo application because it was odourless and completed within 5 minutes.

After my treatments I was escorted back to my chair for my ‘combover’ haircut with Beat.

After my haircut, I absentmindedly asked Beat if they had forgotten to colour my hair because it looked so natural … and the penny dropped: the Redken for Men 5 Minute Color Camo looks so natural that you will be forgiven for thinking it is your natural hair colour – because even though it looked like my natural hair colour, my hair has never looked this good. The colour also created the illussion of volume. It was a rich chocolate brown without any brassy highlights. There was also some graduation in the colour so it didn’t look like the box-job that Elvis made famous. I also had some streaks of grey around my temples which made it look even more natural.

I am totally rocking the ‘comb-over’ haircut. I like the short back & sides look updated with the edgy line cut into a pathway. It looks edgy and creates the illusion that my remaining hair is thicker and longer than it really is. The comb-over doesn’t look Trumpish. Beat also suggested that I grow my hair a little longer because it is still thick enough to grow into the style without looking like I’ve combined a can of sardines over my head.

I’m absolutely speechless as I contemplate how much younger and fresher I look despite not seeing a dramatic change in my appearance. I even look as though I’ve had a decent night’s sleep.
I’m not just made-over, I’m blown away.

The biggest gift from Beat was the realization that I am too young to not evaluate how I style my hair, and also that whatever I consider to be a problem with my hair, Gary Rom Hairdressing has a solution.

Are you ready for your hair makeover?

Head over to our Facebook page because Gary Rom Hairdressing is giving one lucky JoziStyler a hair makeover worth R3,000.

Prize is not exchangeable for cash.
Prize is claimable at Gary Rom Hairdressing Mall of Africa.
1 winner will be selected from Facebook, Twitter or Jozistyle.joburg.

Entries close on 29 June, 2016 at 23h59.
The winner will be announced on JoziStyle.joburg and informed by email.

  1. Leilanie

    For a hair makeover i would love a colour a dark red plum.a nice cut and soft curls so that my hair can look like celebrity style and a treatment for the sculp because of the winter everything feels dry…

  2. Leilanie

    For a hair makeover i would love a colour a dark red plum.a nice cut and soft curls so that my hair can look celebrity style and a treatment for the sculp because of the winter everything feels dry.

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