Fresh inspiration at Coobs

Fans of James Diack’s provenance-inspired, Coobs restaurant, will be pleasantly surprised on their next visit to the award-winning establishment. James has taken the concept of farm-to-table even further with a green-inspired facelift to the popular 4th Avenue bistro.

“When your restaurant is situated in Parkhurst’s busy 4th Avenue, it’s often difficult for customers to image the rolling green fields of Brightside Farm where the ingredients for our menu come from,” says Chef James Diack. “To solve this, I’ve decided to take our farm-to-table concept even further and bring more of the outside, inside.”

A floor-to-ceiling vertical garden and splashes of bright green give a brilliant pop of colour. Beautiful images evoking farm life adorn the walls, chairs feature foliage design and even the bathroom reflects the theme with spectacular verdure wallpaper. Whilst the new interior evidences Coobs’ connection to the source of their ingredients, it remains sophisticated and contemporary.

The menu has also received a small facelift. It’s a little bigger, and features more of our favourite dishes – from Coobs’ increasingly famous wild-boar, to lamb, baby roast chicken and delicious fresh porcini mushroom risotto.

“We continue to be passionate about tracing the provenance of our food. With ethical and sustainable practices being the underlying yardstick, it goes without saying that everything is free range and organic,” James concludes.

To indulge in revitalized farm freshness, visit Coobs on the corner of 14th Street and 4th Avenue, Parkhurst – don’t forget to phone and book 011 447 0710.

Photo credits Kathy Harrison.

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