#FreeLove @NetFlorist NetFlorist: Putting Love at Your Fingertips this V-Day!

Ever dreamed of having your (or your lover’s) name up in lights? And by lights, we mean a big rectangle of light. On the side of the road. Okay, we mean a billboard. Well, NetFlorist has partnered up with Discovery to put love at your fingertips this Valentine’s Day, and make that dream come true!

Instead of standing on the rooftops and screaming your heart out, or standing outside her window with a boombox on your shoulder, this V-Day you can profess your love to the whole of Joburg! Super romantic, if you ask us.

If you want to make your Tweetheart swoon in traffic on Feb the 14th (in a safe way, obviously), all you have to do is mention @NetFlorist on Twitter and use the hashtag #FreeLove with your message, and we will put it up on digital billboards across Johannesburg from 12h00-13h00 on the International Day of Love, thus putting love at your fingertips. And probably some other things, too.

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