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New season premieres Wednesday 2 March at 19:00 CET (13×60’)
Is there anything worse than facing the chop? Another batch of plucky contestants are summoning up the courage to take on the pressure-cooker environment of the Chopped kitchen, all for the goal of becoming the Chopped champion. The competitors are given the toughest of tasks, as they whip up some deep-fried deliciousness in a frying challenge, which sees one chef make some repeated mistakes. Next up, a gruelling sandwich-making challenge, that culminates in a stacked plate of remarkable dessert sandwiches. Then it’s onto a battle of the carnivores as the chefs try to perfect the art of barbecuing, with some regional sauces, and juicy jumbo shrimp. Another season of equally delicious and thrilling recipes awaits those with the stomach for the Chopped challenge!

Tia Mowry At Home
Premieres Thursday 3 March at 20:00 CET
Tia Mowry makes her Food Network debut this March, as she kicks off a captivating series of delightful food and big laughs, all whilst revealing her extraordinary cooking expertise. Alongside her loving family and friends, Tia cooks up a storm as she prepares a range of exciting recipes, starting off with a slow-cooked beef and lentil stew. With a date night on the cards, Tia is onto a comforting classic in the form of a delectable mac and cheese, before some lamb lollipops continue a fun feast. With her favourite girlfriends coming over, Tia whips up a homemade chicken dish, washed down with some raspberry cosmopolitans. There’s plenty more to sample
from Tia’s wonderful culinary repertoire throughout the month, only on Food Network.

Mystery Diners
New season premieres Monday 7 March at 20:00 CET
The restaurant miscreants are at it again, and there’s only one man to stop them: Charles Stiles. Deploying his crack team of Mystery Diners, Charles uncovers yet another glut of restaurant mysteries begging to be solved. In their eighth series of operation, the Mystery Diners are faced with some daunting prospects. Kristian, the owner of a popular tavern, fears that one of his staff is stealing donations from his restaurant’s annual Thanksgiving food drive. The trouble doesn’t stop there as the gang encounter a social media nightmare in Portland, some shadowy boat dealings in Honolulu, and an outrageous undercover operation in Los Angeles, which involves a rival company stealing supplies from their competitor. Watch on in anticipation as Charles and his squad muster up the gumption to catch their restaurant villains!

Cutthroat Kitchen
New season premieres Wednesday 9 March at 20:00 CET
Step into the ruthless gladiatorial arena of the Cutthroat Kitchen as another group of chefs battle against each other for a huge cash prize. But just how far will the contestants go to sabotage each other’s menu? Provocateur Alton Brown hosts, as he encourages the chefs to be as devilish as possible, in order to land the top honours. Using their $25,000 allowance, the competitors can save their money, or use it to disrupt their peers and boost their own hopes of success. The season kicks off with a taco and deli sandwich contest, where two chefs must retrieve their ingredients from a vending machine. That’s followed up with an omelette challenge where three chefs must use the same pan for their creations! The merciless drama continues throughout March, only on Food Network.

The Kitchen
New season premieres Wednesday 16 March at 15:00 CET
The stars of the Kitchen are back! Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson, Marcela Valladolid, Katie Lee and Jeff Mauro all return for some more delicious recipes, and top tips for cooking success. To kick off the new season, the group are dealing with Mother’s Day, as they cook up some easy, yet fancy, ideas for a perfect brunch for mum. From a foolproof guide to the perfect chocolate chip cookies, on to some cheeky cocktails, the team has everything you need to make the day special. Then follows a grilling master class, as the chefs present the perfect way to grill up a succulent steak. Add to that a tasty pasta salad and a superb gin punch, and the party is just about complete. Tune in this March for more of their wonderful creations, only on Food Network.

Anna Olson: Bake
Premieres Tuesday 22 March at 16:00 CET
Indulge in the culinary delights of the distinguished pastry chef Anna Olson, as she whips up some masterful recipes, in a showcase of her baking talent. From baking basics, right up to expert dishes, Anna has the insider tips and tricks to create the perfect pastries. In her debut season, Anna is kicking off with traditional French pleasures, from classic brioche to tarte tropézienne. Then, it’s time for doughnut heaven as Anna displays the perfect recipe for a homemade doughnut, stuffed full of delicious raspberry jelly. No baking show would be complete without chocolate cake, a favourite of young and old. Anna reveals her wonderful recipes for this essential treat. There’s plenty to marvel at in the chef’s kitchen with her tantalising techniques that are sure to teach anyone a thing or two. Tune into Anna’s debut season this March on Food Network.

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