Kalpesh Dullabh shares his delicious foodie journey through his blog FoodiewhippedSA!

Kalpesh Dullabh foodiewhippedsa JoziStyle

Kalpesh Dullabh is a proudly South African foodie whose aim is to bring you the most authentic tastes and flavours available locally.

In our rainbow nation we have eleven official languages and array of authentic South African cuisine to match every language spoken. Kalpesh shares his delicious foodie journey through his blog FoodiewhippedSA.

Kalpesh Dullabh foodiewhippedsa JoziStyle

Why did you start your blog FoodiewhippedSA?
I have a passion for cooking, and I really wanted to share quick and easy recipes that people can make after a hard day’s work. I enjoy taking over the kitchen on weekends as that is when I have some time to try out new recipes and simply experiment with my creativity in the kitchen.

Your growth has been stratospheric – did you ever think you would become so big?
My blog started off as a hobby, the more content and recipes I put up, I realised that there was a niche for quick and easy meals, I never knew my blog would take off so well and I am deeply humbled and grateful for that. I realised that my recipes were becoming very popular and restaurants started recognising me as a food blogger and invited me to food events, new menu tastings and the opening of new branches and restaurants. Many brands started reaching out to me and wanted to collaborate with me, as I have a unique twist to an ordinary food blog.

What excites you when visiting a restaurant?
The first impressions and ambience of the restaurant, as well as the attention to detail and how the staff interact with new customers. The plating of food definitely follows as it’s all about “visual” tasting before you eat. I enjoy a really good chicken curry that is flavourful, wholesome and invokes nostalgic memories.

What turns you off when visiting a restaurant? Least favourite foods?
Bad service is something that really gets under my skin, as well as dirty cutlery and dishes. I really don’t like anything that contains pork.

What top 5 restaurants would you recommend everyone has to try?

  • Saint – The pizzas and prawn pasta are absolutely amazing.
  • Gemelli – the Service and attention to details is awesome.
  • Namaskar – They make one of the best Mutton curry around, and a great restaurant for veg and non-veg dishes.
  • Fireroom – Absolutely love their flaming sushi, its unique delicious and gets the FoodiewhippedSA stamp of approval.
  • Pappas Sandton – Enjoy the great tapas food and the mesmerising belly and fire dance a great place to let go and enjoy a fun evening out.

Are you a good cook – and what’s your favourite dish to make at home?
Well, my wife seems to think I’m a great cook, I love to experiment in the kitchen with both veg and non-veg dishes, I enjoy whipping up a decadent dessert, where in some instances involves baking a cake.

What’s your guilty foodie pleasure that you’d never admit to …
I am obsessed with freshly baked chocolate croissants.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your social media profiles?
Many have questioned my rapid growth in social media, My blog has evolved mere recipes to something successful.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become the next biggest foodie influencer?
They need to be passionate about blogging and what they blog about. Work hard and focus on the goal of making themselves successful.

Last Question: What would be your last supper?
An Indian inspired potjie!

Visit www.foodiewhippedsa.wordpress.com.

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