Five Safety Tips for Female Motorists this Women’s Month!


August is always a special time in South Africa, as the country celebrates the brave, thoughtful and smart women who are pivotal to the success and well-being of families, communities and many businesses of all sizes.


In honour of Women’s Month, here are a few safety tips for female motorists. These tips will keep you moving safely, allowing you to add to your memories.

Pay attention to your surroundings
Always be vigilant when approaching your parked vehicle and while driving. As tempting as it may be, don’t unlock your car before you reach it. And, make sure it’s safe before you get into your vehicle. On the road, check your blind spots regularly, and keep track of vehicles driving behind you. If you see anything suspicious, or you’re not feeling comfortable, drive to a safe space as quickly as possible, and call for help.

Keep valuables in the boot or cubbyhole
Always keep valuables such as bags, computers and phones out of sight while driving. This precaution can help prevent unnecessary anxiety while navigating through traffic or stopping at well-known smash and grab intersections.

Maintain a safe distance
No matter the driving circumstances, it’s essential always to keep a safe following distance from the car ahead of you. This distance between the vehicles gives you ample time and space to stop your car safely. And if necessary, gives you enough room to drive away carefully from an incident that can cause harm.

Parking spots differ like day and night
It’s easy to take the first available parking spot when out doing errands. But, the parking spot that is ideal during the day may not be as safe to access at night. Instead, take a few extra minutes to survey the parking spot, making sure there’s enough light and that it’s close to an area with heavy foot traffic. This vigilance makes returning to your car safer and comfortable, especially after losing track of time.

Regular battery checks
A robust and healthy car battery can prevent delays in starting a car and causing unexpected breakdowns. The battery specialists recommend you check your car battery at least twice a year. They offer quick, easy and free battery checks, which includes a starter and alternator test — everything that’s needed to make sure your car battery performs at its best.

For peace of mind, speak to the battery specialists who offer expert battery advice. And, for your next drive to the shops, office or cinema, remember these tips to help with a safe and stress-free trip.

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