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miss south africa cocaine

There is a sickening story doing the rounds on social media that the current Miss South Africa, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, has been caught in the UK with cocaine in her possession and has been arrested.

This is false. The “news” about Miss South Africa’s cocaine possession is being spread by the a fake website www.te1egraph.co.uk (the real website is www.telegraph.co.uk). I would call this gutter journalism, but to associate www.te1egraph.co.uk with journalism would only raise them out of the gutter.

miss south africa cocaine

I have met Ntandoyenkosi Kunene at numerous social events and have always found her to be the epitome of wholesomeness. She is charming, courteous, and gracious. I find her disarmingly humble considering all of her achievements. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her take a drink because she invests most of her time in the people who come to see her. She is truly one of the most generous people I have ever met. For this fake website to tarnish her reputation with this false news is truly sickening.

Miss South Africa is leaving big shoes for #MissSA2017 to fill!

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The Miss South Africa organisers are aware of this fake news reports doing the rounds and have issued a statement

The report first appeared on the fake website www.te1egraph.co.uk (the real website is www.telegraph.co.uk) under the headline ‘Miss South Africa 2016 arrested at London Heathrow Airport With 2kg of Cocaine’. This was subsequently removed but has appeared throughout the day on other fake social media sites.

We chose at first to ignore the reports because we believed that people would realise that it was from a fake site. However, in light of the fact that we have had queries from legitimate media outlets we would like to set the record straight. Ntando has not been arrested and she has not been caught with any drugs in her possession. She is currently in South Africa and is not in London; in fact she has never been there.
Claudia Henkel | Sun International’s PR Manager

If I could say anything to Ntandoyenkosi, take it with a pinch of salt because anyone who knows you, knows that this is completely out of character – and times must be tough when fake news sites start trying to capitalise off your fame by spreading fake news. Shame be upon them!

#StopHungerNow with the gorgeous Siba Mtongana & Miss South Africa 2016, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene!

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