Elegant indulgence: What’s better than Prosecco and Cake?

You no longer need to find an excuse to spoil yourself, with the new Cake and Prosecco daily specials at The Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, every day can be a spoil.

With the growing popularity of the Italian sparkling wine Prosecco, South Africans are fast developing a taste for the finer bubbles in life and retailers are battling to keep up with the demand. But next time you hear the call of it’s “Prosecco o’clock”, don’t find yourself wanting, instead head over to The Michelangelo hotel and uncover exactly why this devilishly delicious bubbly is so popular.

According to Heinrich Oberholzer Food and Beverage Manager at The Michelangelo, Prosecco is fast staking its claim as a firm favourite amongst the hotel’s guests, a rise in popularity that he attributes to a few key aspects.

Prosecco is an easy drinking sparkling wine that is light and fruity which makes it much more palatable than some of the headier sparkling wines. Because Prosecco is made in a less complex manner, namely the second fermentation of the wine happens in a tank as opposed to in the bottle like traditional champagnes, you don’t get a burst of secondary flavours. Instead the wine stays true to its origin which is a fruitier, softer and more approachable style of wine,” states Oberholzer.
Heinrich Oberholzer | Food and Beverage Manager at The Michelangelo

While there are myriad premium Prosecco offerings on the market, Oberholzer says that as a rule the wine comes in at a lower price point than Champagne. This in turn makes it an affordable luxury, that does not renege on quality or taste.

Notably is the wine’s diversity. Sparkling wine is well known to work well as an apéritif and Prosecco ticks this box exceptionally well. “The beauty of Prosecco is that it goes well with a host of food dishes, it is a great additive to a cocktail or even mixed into a Bellini or a fruit punch. Our personal favourite is Prosecco and Cake – the two just pop together,” adds Oberholzer.

This is definitely a drink for the younger generation, not bound to the label or the history of the wine itself. While the lower price tag is itself an incentive, its light flavour makes it a great alternative to newcomers to sparkling wine who themselves have fewer pre-conceived notions of what a bubbly should be.

The pure decadence of knowing you are drinking an Italian glass of bubbles has a distinctive ring to it. And let’s be honest, everyone wants to magic themselves to an era of opulence and glamour on occasion. Prosecco is the perfect accompaniment to a party or a lunchtime breakaway, offering a touch of luxury, without the label of being “stuffy” or pretentious.

“Our Prosecco and Cake offering, available every day from 11am to 5pm at our Il Ritrovo Lounge has fast become the hub of style. Not only are the cakes on offer decadent, but so is the fact that our patrons can enjoy a bottle of Prosecco from renowned brand, Bottega, ranging from Prosecco DOC Brut, Il Vino dell’ Amore Moscato, Bottega Gold and Bottega Rose.

“It is a firm favourite for business meetings, in between shopping gatherings and a place for friends to meet, all while being surrounded by the glorious inspiration of Italy itself, upon which The Michelangelo is modelled on,” ends Oberholzer.

So why not pop in and see what all the fuss of the Prosecco culture is about? You may find yourself reciting the popular tweet “Prosecco made me do it”.

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