Edward Chamberlain Bell Show Saturday 18 Jan 2014 – @thewordofed – Edward Chamberlain-Bell chatted to Laura McDermid, and Erika Cloete and covered Lifeline

Continuing with helping South Africans to live their best life ever, Edward Chamberlain-Bell invited three guests to help listeners improve their lives in body, mind & spirit.

There isn’t a better nutritionist in Edward’s opinion than his co-host, Laura McDermid, so he called her during his show for advice. There are so many areas where people can improve their diet but Laura recommends examining your wheat intake, and how your body reacts to wheat products, because too many people are experiencing mental and physical reactions to wheat. Interestingly, Laura explains why our ancestors never had a problem with consuming wheat but suddenly so many things have changed in the last century that are affecting us today. Laura McDermid reviews the bestseller “Wheat Belly” by William Davis and offers her own healthy alternatives to wheat.

Erika Cloete is the first person to advise people that when it comes to losing weight they should examine their diet and exercise but sometimes that isn’t enough to reduce the lines in the battle of the bulge. She offers two revolutionary treatments that she uses in conjunction for the removal of excess fatty tissue in areas that are normally resistant to dieting and physical exercise. She uses laser liposuction, which is targetted to heat the fat cells which causes them to break down and be expelled by the body’s natural metabolic process, in conjunction with her “Javanti Wrap” to reduce belly fat, cellulite, tighten flabby skin and lose inches.

You wouldn’t believe it, when you hear how critical Edward is about virtually everything, but it turns out he has an empathetic side which is why was once a LifeLine counsellor- and he is equally quick to praise the great work LifeLine does offering the community anonymous, telephonic counselling as well as personal face-to-face counselling. You can call them anytime 24/7/365 to little daily struggles or major lifelong traumas. It won’t cost you a cent, just the cost of a telephone call, but will enrich your life by balancing your emotional well-being. LifeLine has experienced lay counsellors that can help you with everything from private personal concerns, low self-esteem, debt, depression, crime, rape, suicide, relationships, HIV/AIDS and everything in between.

LifeLine also offers Personal Growth and Interpersonal Skills courses, which are essential for everyone, but they are always looking for more support in terms of volunteers, donations, resources or time. Edward says, “If you can’t help, DONATE. It takes a village to raise a child, LifeLine to uplift a community.”

For more details, contact:
Laura McDermid: www.allabouthealth.co.za
Erika Cloete : www.laserinc.co.za @laserinc1
Lifeline: http://www.lifelinejhb.org.za @lifelinejhb

Edward Chamberlain-Bell: www.edward.chamberlainbell.com @thewordofed
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