Eat Yourself Handsome

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Amazingly, people can invest more time choosing their skin care products before considering what they eat despite the fact that better results can be achieved through eating a healthy diet before expecting miracles from a jar containing ingredients one wouldn’t dare to eat. And yet, consider how many companies urge you to use their product to feed and nourish your skin?

Don’t neglect the importance of a good skin care routine, but before shopping for a new product to apply to your skin you should consider shopping for some of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients in the world at your local supermarket.

Firstly, your skin is protein, so eat it either in the form of animal or vegetable protein. It also requires energy, which is abundant in complex carbohydrates. Finally, it needs healthy oils for lubrication and protection. Take it one step further and include as many green leafy and brightly coloured vegetables as possible. It’s simply eating a balanced diet that keeps your skin in good condition .

It never hurts to keep your skin hydrated from within by drinking plenty of fluids; preferably water but diluted fruit juice, milk and herbal teas count all contribute towards keeping you hydrated. The research is still out if caffeinated drinks (coffee and carbonated drinks) contribute towards your fluid intake.

Unfortunately, the fun stuff is also the bad stuff for your skin, but sometimes a little of the bad stuff does us good so consume alcohol, sugar, salt, refined flour and convenience in moderation.

If you’re battling with the veggies you could try disguising them in soups or blend them into smoothies. 100% nutritious and delicious. If you’re completely at a loss, popping a multivitamin as an insurance policy against any deficiencies is a wise choice but it doesn’t replace healthy eating. Sportron’s Ultraguard Forte offers a  comprehensive nutritional supplement.

After you’ve completed the groundwork for healthier skin you can start improving the surface.

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