Exciting new additions to the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards and editorial team

Eat Out, SA’s guide to SA’s best food, is celebrating its twentieth birthday with the announcement of some exciting additions to the team. The new faces – in three brand new roles – are Margot Janse, Zola Nene and Kholeka Kumalo.

Margot Janse almost needs no introduction. As a significant figure in developing the local food scene, Janse is best known for her prolific work as the executive chef of The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français, a position she held until 2017. 

 Eat Out is thrilled to announce that Margot will be undertaking the position of judging convenor of the 2018 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. As the judges will remain anonymous, Janse will become the face of the rigorous judging process that determines the Top 20. Her role will be critical in maintaining integrity and consistency across the panel, serving as a touchstone for the judges, and providing feedback to restaurants.

Says Janse, “I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity, not just because I get to eat at all the top restaurants in the country, but also because the Eat Out Restaurant Awards carry a great responsibility in the development of ​​the culinary scene in South Africa. I believe that with my in-depth knowledge and experience I will be able to contribute positively to this process.​”  

 New Media managing director Aileen Lamb applauds this addition: “Margot has helped shape the South African food industry as we know it today, and so it is only fitting that we tap into her knowledge to take the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards to new heights.” 

 Zola Nene and Kholeka Kumalo will be joining the Eat Out editorial team – led by editor-in-chief Anelde Greeff – in the roles of Cape Town and Johannesburg restaurant editors respectively. They will become Eat Out’s eyes and ears on the ground – visiting restaurants, talking to chefs, eating and reviewing, and gathering news stories.

 Nene has been a reviewer for Eat Out for the past two years and her background further includes impressive chef mentors like Margot Janse and Chris Erasmus, as well as experience in the catering industry. As the former resident chef on the Expresso Morning Show, a food stylist for various publications and a published cookbook author, she has a deep appreciation for food and an understanding of what distinguishes a good dish from a great one.

 Says Nene, “I’m so thrilled to be joining the Eat Out team. As a chef and passionate foodie, it’s an absolute honour to join a brand that is the go-to source for all things food-related in SA.”

Kumalo has also been part of Eat Out’s team of reviewers for the past two years. Additionally, she has worked as a features editor, copy editor and writer at publications like House and Leisure, The Herald, the Sunday Times Fashion Weekly, The Edit and Home Weekly. She embodies the modern Johannesburg insider with a keen eye on the ever-changing restaurant scene. 

Says Kumalo, “Eat Out has long been my go-to destination for what’s hot on the food scene, so I’m super excited to be joining the team. Joburg’s diversity lends itself to interesting, ever-changing food offerings and I can’t think of a better excuse to eat my way through the city.”

 Lamb describes the reason behind the changes: “Though Eat Out has seen immeasurable success in the last 20 years, we never rest on our laurels. The three new additions to our team – especially the additions of Zola and Kholeka to the already excellent editorial team – is part of our evolution, which includes growing our audience and staying relevant to them. I’m particularly pleased that we have a Joburg insider in our inner circle now. I can’t wait to see how Zola, Kholeka and Margot’s contributions will shape our brand.”


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