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Think fresh. Think low in fat, balanced and nutritious. Think healthy. Think getting into shape and feeling good about yourself. After all, if you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you. The intention to ‘eat better’ is the first step in getting your health back on track. Knowing exactly what that means, however, can be challenging. We all know following a healthy diet includes choosing plenty of lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, whole grain and dairy products but eating well also means leaving out or only rarely consuming foods that are high in added sugar, saturated fat and sodium. That includes most fast food and restaurant dishes.

When it comes to healthy living, Doppio Zero’s Fresh Campaign that runs from 6 September until 15 October circles around promoting healthy food options. The campaign also coincides with Doppio Zero’s new menu, which is sprinkled with delicious dishes that make it a cinch to eat nutritious meals.

“Worldwide, there is a growing demand by customers to eat in their version of healthy,” says Doppio Zero’s Head Chef, Cassie Davis. “Customers are wanting more healthy choices when dining out. Vegetables have risen in popularity from side dishes to main attractions. We’ve found that many more people are likely to order mashed cauliflower instead of rice and pasta, request for vegetable crust for healthier pizza. Given the rise of vegetarian options, meat lovers are also upping the ante. They want the option of grilled over fried and leaner cuts of meat without compromising on tenderness or flavour. Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day. Forget about oily eggs and fried bacon served on a traditional large plate. Healthy brekkie bowls are all the craze. Dishes like acai berry yoghurt with chia seeds, fresh strawberries, flax seeds, toasted flaked almonds & cranberries; smoked salmon & sweet potato with poached eggs, chilli ginger baby marrow, roasted red pepper & spring onion; turmeric onion scrambled egg with chilli lamb sausage, tomato & onion smoor and chilli con carne, char-grilled corn, poached eggs, guacamole and coriander.”

Chefs are incorporating more natural ingredients into dishes that boast health benefits. Doppio Zero, for example, are using more potently healthy spices, seeds, nuts and herbs in the creation of dishes and even in their beverages offered – leaning towards ‘power shots’ instead of traditional sodas and fruit juices. Fresh fruit juice mixed with fat burning ingredients like cayenne pepper, turmeric, lemon juice, chia seeds, cinnamon, ginger juice and apple cider vinegar are all the craze. Following on this trend Doppio offers ‘Juices Of The Day’. Monday – Detox, Tuesday – Turmeric Citrus Aid, Wednesday – Ginger green, Thursday – Apple, Beetroot & Carrot, Friday – Immunity, Saturday – Detox and Sunday – Turmeric Citrus Aid. For the duration of Doppio Zero’s Fresh Campaign, every customer will receive a Vitamin Shot (tot glass of the Juice of the Day). Traditional hot drinks such as coffee and tea have been replaced with Turmeric Latte, Matcha Latte and Dirty Red Latte.

Fresh decor is also gaining moment within restaurants worldwide with a growing interest by customers for fresh fruit, wheatgrass, flowers, bright colourful vases and healthy focus ideas.

“Outdated decor is a thing of the past. There is a definite correlation between a restaurant’s interior design and its customers’ healthy dining habits. We know softer music and colours, including softness of the seating and textures, encourages customers to feel more relaxed but studies have also found that certain elements can encourage an overall sense of wellness. One of the current design trends is the use of natural textures inspired in Mother Nature. The colour trends for healthy eating largely focus on four main palettes – Chroma (graphic colours), Sentience (pastel tones), Entwine (earthy tones) and Construct (Eclectic rich colours),” explains Tarryn Nash, Marketing Coordinator at Doppio Zero.

Access to healthy food is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Research shows that access to fresh and healthy foods is one of several factors that can contribute to better eating habits and positive health outcomes, including decreased risk for obesity and diet-related diseases. With the practice of adopting cleaner lifestyles going mainstream, restaurants need to also shift their focus to health.

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