#DineJoziStyle With @JoziStyle!

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Come #DineJoziStyle With @JoziStyle

What is #DineJoziStyle?
#DineJoziStyle is a foodie meetup where select social media influencers are invited to review a restaurant on their personal social media platforms. The influencers get to enjoy a fabulous dining experience that they will share online, while the restaurant enjoys considerable online exposure.

Why #DineJoziStyle?
Why not? #DineJoziStyle creates exciting dining opportunities for foodies, who create considerable online exposure for restaurants, but it’s mostly a fun foodie marketing opportunity. It’s exclusive and discerning- with no rules.

It’s win-win-win!

Who can #DineJoziStyle?
Anyone can #DineJoziStyle… provided they have a prolific online following, a discerning opinion about food, and can write an objective review about a restaurant that is as delicious as the dishes that you will be reviewing.

Where is #DineJoziStyle?
Everywhere, baby! #DineJoziStyle is booked for two events in Magaliesburg, one in Soweto, and everywhere in between. We’re doing five-star, first-class, front-row dining everywhere. Some restaurants are conceptual, some are mom & pop family diners, and others are extremely niched. We might even do a drive-through!

What does #DineJoziStyle cost?
Free for influencers, as the restaurants host the event and foot the bill, but they can also get their suppliers to sponsor the event. You will be responsible for your travel costs, and in some events, you will be responsible for extras that our host don’t make available on the menu.

How do RESTAURANTS host a #DineJoziStyle foodie meetup?
Simply invite us, and make a proposal, to host #DineJoziStyle at your establishment.

Do it TODAY, because #DineJoziStyle is happening NOW!

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  1. Jabulile Hlatshwayo

    Hi I am an avid extrovert and have a flair and taste in great food and dining experiences. Dining out is second nature to me and my tastebuds have a personality of their own.

    An ex Brand Manager for one of the resturants in S.A. andpartaken in a couple of cook-offs as well.

  2. Puly

    Hi I would love to #DineJoziStyle because I’m a food addict and when I eat out I stay objective and neutral, I am not scared to give my opinion, I’ve recently started a blog http://pulybeast.com which has received amazing support, I have a busy Twitter account that has 6500+ followers https://twitter.com/pulybeast – I am also on Instagram as PulyBeast.

    Please pick me 🙂

  3. ivorswartz

    Hi there,
    I head up two up and coming blogs- one for food reviews and one for drinks (craftbeer to be more specific). Both of them is set up and run by me.

    The one is called IeatJozi (https://twitter.com/ieatjozi). I review restaurants on Zomato (https://www.zomato.com/users/ieatjozi-30427525), and instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ieatjozi/?hl=en

    The other one is called Kleurlingbierman- a blog focused on the craftbeer industry in South Africa. I tweet at (https://twitter.com/kleurlingbier) blog at https://kleurlingbierman.wordpress.com/ and instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kleurlingbierman/

    I would love to be part of your #DineJoziStyle Community.

  4. Yolanda Du Preez

    I am an opinionated foodie, enjoy new experiences and I love writing. As an attorney I have always written for a living but in the absence of a creative outlet. Having previously worked for a DMO, I am currently a Brand Ambassador for a National Spa Brand and I am involved in Digital Marketing aimed at Social Media Platforms. I an excited by the influence that social media platforms are able to exert on public opinion – I would love to be part of your #DineJoziStyle Community #ChooseMe

  5. Horak

    Hi there! I run a stylish travel&food blog at http://www.traverate.com

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/traverate/


    Having travelled extensive and dined at amazing restaurants around the globe I’m an avid foodie with a valid opinion.

    I’m also the no. 4 rated contributor on Zomato in Jozi, with my food pics viewed over 1,3 million times.

    Would be honored to join fellow foodies for #DineJoziStyle as my reviews are objective, concise and professional.

    Looking forward to it!

  6. Nicole Coutinho

    Hi there! The Guru here!
    I run a lifestyle and travel blog with focus on South Africa and all its deliciousness called The little Guru. My aim is to rediscover our beautiful country and share all my experiences and findings with my readers.

    I would love to join the #DineJoziStyle team and not only experience more of what SA has to offer but share it and invite others to taste the experience.

    Have a look at my social media pages:

    Blog: http://www.thelittleguru.co.za/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicole_theguru
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicole_theguru/

    All reviews are professional, honest and quirky!


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