Win 2 Seats to #DineJoziStyle with JoziStyle & Graham Beck at The Factory on Grant (worth R1,500)! #CelebrateWhatMatters #BubblyGrahamBeckStyle

DineJoziStyle Graham Beck Factory on Grant

The Factory began its journey to combat retail monotony as an independent project founded in 2013. Its vision is to develop an alternative to mainstream malls and retail outlets. The Factory is a unique destination in the heart of Norwood, within walking distance of Houghton, located on the Corner of Grant Ave and Nellie Road. It is a venue that hosts a variety of artistic exhibitions, functions and events. These are in collaboration with a variety of performing artists, craftsmen and women with the added dimension of retail direct to the public. While we hope to continue attracting exhibitionists, it is also our intention to have fun and provide a platform for new and emerging talent.

The Factory is a place to meet and enjoy, to be inspired and to share ideas over breakfast, lunch or supper. They don’t want a static venue and hope that it evolves over time stays alive with different themes and moods that will keep it alive and interesting.

The Factory has invited JoziStyle to the grand opening of N’dawo Yummy Restaurant for an exclusive preview – and naturally, we had to ask if we could bring JoziStylers with us!

Naturally, they said yes!

We’re also excited because our favourite bubbly, Graham Beck is going to be there. So, we’ll be sipping bubbly like rockstars!

Did you know that from grape to glass the entire process of producing a Graham Beck Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) relies on meticulous attention to detail, dedication to authenticity, precision timing and plenty of patience. At Graham Beck their team is passionately pursuing the perfect bubble – a golden thread of excellence runs throughout the entire process and portfolio. The term Cap Classique has been used in South Africa since 1992. The name is derived from the fact that, by law, sparkling wines are not allowed to be called “Champagnes” in SA, although they use exactly the same methods as in France – giving rise to Cap (Cape) Classique!

Win 2 seats to #DineJoziStyle with JoziStyle & Graham Beck at The Factory on Grant worth R1,500! 

We are going to #DineJoziStyle at The Factory on Grant – kindly sponsored by Graham Beck. To win, simply share this post onto Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #DineJoziStyle #CelebrateWhatMatters #BubblyGrahamBeckStyle–  or simply tell us below why you want to join us!

Date: Thursday, 25 July 2019 (6PM)
Venue: The Factory on Grant

The winner will be randomly selected from submissions by our Facebook and Twitter followers.

Entries close on Sunday, 21 July 2019 at 5PM.
The winner will be selected by an online random generator.
Winners will be announced by Monday, 22 July 2019 by 7PM.
The value of the prize is R1,500. Anything extras ordered above R1,500 will be at your own expense.
The prize is not transferable for cash.
People entering must be eighteen years or older.

The winners will be announced on JoziStyle.joburg and informed by email.


  1. Xolani Zaca

    I got retrenched and haven’t been working for the past year and a half and my partner has been working hard and providing for our family alone. We have a 15 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I know she is taking a strain. I have been meaning to do something special to show her how much I love and appreciate her but it’s been a challenge since I’m currently unemployed. Joining you on this night will help me treat her for a change and I know she will love it as she is a Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) lover. She deserves the best, and this is it.

    1. Prudy

      I’d love to join #dinejozistyle and #bubblygrahambeckstyle because I can’t think of a better combination to create a magical night! The beautiful setting of The Factory would create the perfect ambiance while dining on the best and sipping on my favourite bubbly with amazing company.

  2. Donovan Butler

    I would love to take my beautiful wife to experience her favourite tipple (bubbly) with some fantastic company (JoziStyle himself)

  3. Faye Emmerson

    I’m dying to do a JoziStyle night out. I missed my chance 😭 because of #parenting but I now need to #unparent. And because #mcc dah!

  4. JoziStyle

    Congratulations to @Memz_Mo on winning 2 Seats to #DineJoziStyle with JoziStyle & Graham Beck at The Factory on Grant (worth R1,500)!

    #CelebrateWhatMatters #BubblyGrahamBeckStyle

    Thank you to everyone who entered!

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