Testimonials: What people say about #DineJoziStyle @Radio2Day


Strategic Public Relations

From Vanessa Naude, Managing Director of Strategic Public Relations, on behalf of Unilever Food Solutions.

18 November 2015

Dear Edward

On behalf of Unilever Food Solutions, our grateful thanks to you and the #DineJoziStyle bloggers who attended our Master Your Passion event on 29 October.

The concept behind #DineJoziStyle in bringing bloggers together to report on foodie events that are of interest to their followers is a wonderfully unique idea and proved very valuable to Unilever Food Solutions in conveying their message regarding their ongoing support of the development of chefs to a consumer audience.

The #DineJoziStyle bloggers were enthusiastic and engaged, tweeting and posting on social media throughout the afternoon and sharing their personal insights and the excitement around the event. The subsequent blog posts provided personal accounts of their experiences and really helped to capture the spirit of the event.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with #DineJoziStyle and to seeing it go from strength to strength.

Warm regards

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